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Signs That Spell Red Alert – Points to Look Out for When You Plan to Make a House Your Home!

A home is a place where our heart resides. A home is a place to build happy memories. And you should be careful to buy a home that shall gift you nothing but such positive vibes. Are you sceptical about what we say? You think a beautifully done up home with personal photos peppering the walls, bright colours exuding exuberance and designer interiors that make your neighbours sigh would help you achieve that goal? Think again!

When we think of home, there are lots that lies beneath the surface. Beyond the visible curb appeal and stunning interiors. These are crucial factors that dictate the health and thereby the happiness of the inmates. These are also factors, which if taken into consideration, and kept under check and control, can prevent you from spending pot loads of money on revamping your home. That’s the reason a pre purchase inspection from TM inspections should be carried out before buying any place. A detailed examination of the place is carried out by their experts and an accurate report is then submitted to the buyers to get a better knowledge of the place they are going to buy.

Some signs that your home screams and you can’t ignore!

When buying a new home, or a preowned one, or renting or moving in to a new place, there can be some signs that directly point out the danger. These points should be tackled immediately. If you think, by any reason they aren’t manageable or may cost you a fortune, try dropping the option of making the property a part of your life and living to be on the safer side. Read between the lines of the reports of home inspection in Ontario, and accordingly take this serious decision of your life.

  • Water leakage — Water leakage is one such serious issue which, if ignored, can bring about a huge disaster in your new home. Never ever avoid the same. If you see any kind of leakage from pipes, or even if there are signs of water leaks shown on the wall, make sure you get a detailed inspection of that place. Take note of the source from where the leakage may be happening and what can be the extreme dangers of it. Also, check which other areas of the house it can affect adversely. If the issue is grave, think twice before buying such property. Otherwise, go ahead, but only after rectifying the problem.

  • Drainage clogs — Drainage clogs can be super messy and tacky! Dealing with them requires lots of practised hands, and also often a great amount of money is involved in the procedure. Check the sources of drainage clogs and also where clog exactly. Even drainage leakage from washrooms should not be overlooked in this case. Keep a severe eye on this section while inspecting your new place. You just don’t want to buy a house which is stinking due to drainage disorders every second week, and needs repairs every now and then!
  •  Electrical wire connections — Did you know that there are legal safety standards set for electrical wiring and appliances? This helps to avoid short circuits and electrical fires. Electrical disasters can be major reasons of mishaps in homes. Most of the places that are bought nowadays have been wired in a concealed manner. It’s such a wiring connection that leaves no exposed wires. Even the electrical appliances like air conditioners, heaters, lights are hidden in a beautiful manner. But are these electrical gadgets well connected and safe? That’s the question you have to ask yourself when you think of buying a home. Double, even triple check the connections, bring along the experts and test each and every switch, socket, oversized fuses, appliances and wiring.

  • Dangerous Elements – Last, but definitely not the least, give a detailed thought on the home inspection report that you have acquired. Does it mention any dangerous elements? For a layman, a danger in a home can seem to be just a dilapidated wall or a broken roof or a screeching door. But there can be more to the story than these, which only am expert eye can fish out for you. Which is why it is of utmost importance that you consult proper licensed home inspectors before you sign the dotted lines. They can scan beneath the surface and fish out defects by reading between the lines. Moulds within walls and under carpets, hidden asbestos or lead, existence of radon gas, heavy concentration of carbon monoxide – the dangerous elements can be many. You need to be aware and then take the next step.

Buying a home can be an arduous process. We can never be sure enough of our safety and security. So, the checklist can get pretty long – from security and vigilance systems to ventilation, from air pollutants to condition of the building’s structure – there are a thousand things to take care of. Thank God there are experts who can guide you through the process and help you choose a home that would be safe for you and your family.