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Crafting the Perfect UX Designer Resume

UX designer’s jobs are increasing in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that it’s among three interconnected positions showing incomparable potential, including product and project management, software development, and IT. UX designer has the highest growth rate of 22.1% and total job amounting to 3,426,000. Being a highly competitive job, you need to understand what the employer looks for. This career path demands various skills, including technology, coding, research, business, and design.  You can have all the skills, but you will find it hard to get to your dream job without a perfect resume.  However, you can get help from a resume writing service that will draft one that will persuade the employer by showing you are qualified to do the job.

The Ground Rules

Before we get to the information you need to include, let’s begin with the basics;

  • Stick to one page

The employers only have limited time hence, no time to peruse lengthy letters. Make the focal points stand out. Wordy description, too many pages, and a lousy portfolio will be overwhelming and hard to digest. Avoid adding irrelevant experiences and old jobs. Also, don’t send your portfolios as an attachment. Downloading it cost time, and employers detest it. A link to your portfolio works best.   

  • Personalize it

Spend time to search for the employer’s name who will (hopefully) employ you and address them directly. Addressing them as “Dear Sir/Madam” makes you sound like a robot. Make your resume stand out by addressing the person receiving it.

  • Tell Why You Are a Good Fit

You want to get closer to a job interview; explain why you want to work there and what part of the job caught your attention. Mention their values, how you like the company and the way they work as a team. Secondly, tell them the value you will bring to the company and how they will benefit by hiring you. For instance, explain how you will make a difference in the team with your passion for perfection and skill set and how you are delighted to grow with the team.

  • Include Your Skills

Mention all the skills relevant to your job, such as HTML and CSS, information architecture, user flow, coding, usability testing, UX writing, prototyping, wireframing, website design, wireframe tool, etc.

  • Avoid Mistakes

You can be a great fit but miss an opportunity because of typos. Check for poor grammars and wrong spelling. Read your resume aloud if it lacks flow, rewrites it, and then give it to your buddy and check it for you. At this point, you can also get assistance from top resume writing service reviews, which will recheck it before you send it out to the recruiters. Ensure the resume document layout is consistent, including the margin and the font size.

Structuring Your UX Resume

This is how your resume should flow;

Your information: State your name, contact information, either website or email, and current job in any

Work experience:

  • If you have UX designer work experience, mention it stating them in reverse chronological order.
  • Ensure you only mention work that is relevant to your UX design role.
  • Mention the key responsibility that was entrusted to you.

If you don’t have experience, apply for an entry job, and mention your education details. Give specifics of coursework in detail – reference internships, school assignments, or projects and show results achieved. This can also be enough experience. Check how to do it on top resume writing service review online. You don’t want to miss a chance just because you don’t have experience. You can get more information on UX designs from UX design consultant.

Education: Mention the name of the institution, the certification acquired, and dates. If you have completed and acquired UX design certification, include the link so the employer can verify authenticity.

Awards and Recognition: If you have received an award in your duties, mention it even if not related to design.

Skills and Tools: List all the skills you have relating to your UX design role. If you have any software you are proficient with, mention it under tools. You can also mention any tools or skills you are in the process of learning.

Your UX Design Career Awaits

Your first step to being hired is an outstanding UX designer resume. This is a fulfilling career if you love to develop a satisfying user experience, proficient in visual communication, and if you are innovative. This is an ever-evolving industry, hence be always ready to learn.