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How Does Alcohol Addiction Manifest?

Alcohol addiction is a disease that can affect anyone at any time in their lives. The cause of alcohol addiction is unknown, yet research has shown that the cause can be genetic, psychological, or other factors that may affect your mental and physical health. Like any addiction, alcohol addiction is a severe disease that can manifest changes in the brain. Like cocaine, alcohol addiction can produce dopamine, which plays an essential role in providing pleasure.

Those who struggle with alcohol addiction cannot control how they act and communicate with others around them. It became so prevalent for people to consume alcohol in any circumstances that it’s hard to guess who’s even addicted. Read further to learn how alcohol addiction manifests.

Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction is also known as alcohol use disorder. Usually, it occurs when someone drinks too much that the body becomes addicted. For people with this disorder, alcohol is one of the essential things in life. Most of them can’t see their happiness anymore if they don’t have 2 or 3 drinks. Many people are aware of their alcohol addiction, but they don’t struggle to stop drinking because they like it so much. Alcohol use disorder, sometimes called alcoholism, involves people who can’t control their drinking anymore, being preoccupied with drinking at any moment of the day. However, the effect will diminish over time, so the amount of alcohol will increase to feel the same effect. If you find yourself at the risk of developing an alcohol addiction, make sure you take measures and go to a rehab center to get your addiction treatment Los Angeles. It doesn’t matter if your alcohol use is mild; it can range from minor to severe. So, early treatment is necessary.

Risk Factors

Alcohol use may appear in adolescence, but an alcohol addiction usually appears ion the 20s or 30s. However, it’s possible to appear at any age. Here are the risk factors that can influence your alcohol use:

  • Trauma – people that suffered traumas at an early age are likely to become addicted to alcohol.
  • Depression – is common for those who suffer from depression to develop an alcohol addiction or other harmful substances.
  • Family problems – children that grew up in families with alcoholic parents are likely to become addicted at a young age.
  • Steady drinking – drinking too much with no reason for a long period can lead to an alcohol use disorder.

Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder

These symptoms usually appear due to many bad experiences. People with alcohol use disorder can experience behaviors, such as:

  • Missing work because they are hangover due to too much drinking.
  • Not being able to control their need for alcohol.
  • Enjoying spending time all alone to drink.
  • Not taking proper care of themselves anymore.
  • Having a high tolerance for drinking alcohol.

Developing angry and violent behaviors due to their drinking habits.

To avoid developing an alcohol addiction, it’s important to determine these symptoms before. If you have a family relative or a friend with an alcohol disorder, make sure that you put all of your efforts into trying to convince them to go to rehab. Otherwise, their overall health might be damaged.