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New Year, New Beauty Regime

Many of us make new year’s resolutions, promising to make a positive change at the start of a new year. These are varied, with some becoming a lifetime habit and some aimed at achieving a short-term goal.

For both men and women, beauty, fashion and health can all play big parts in your new year’s resolutions. For example, women may want to invest a little more time and money into upgrading their wardrobes; whether it’s a new dress or even luxury knickers to boost your confidence and accentuate your curves under your clothes better. Likewise, you may look towards starting a new beauty regime and looking after yourself better.

Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ? Your skin acts as a waterproof, insulating and protective shield against all external conditions, such as extreme temperatures, harmful chemicals and even exudes antibacterial substances to help you on a daily basis. So, looking after your skin should be your number 1 priority if you’re looking for a new year’s resolution to follow!

Beauty trends for 2019

2019 sees a bigger convergence between health and beauty, with many of us focusing on what we put on our bodies as much as what we put in them. As a society, we are much more aware of ingredients, environmental impact and effects of the products we consume, whether it’s food or skincare.
Becoming a ‘skintellectual’ is set to be a huge trend in the beauty industry moving forward; questioning the science behind the skincare products you buy, and being more savvy about the ingredients in them.

The must-have products that have been around for years may undergo a modern upgrade. For instance, retinoids were renowned for their skincare properties, but they can also cause dryness, redness and irritation. As innovation and research continues, the beauty industry are uncovering new products that can be used across favourite skincare products. Bakuchiol has been tipped as a great retinol alternative; a plant-based product that is much gentler on the skin. It has been found to sooth rashes, calm redness and heal cuts, and can help to achieve smooth skin, less hyperpigmentation and restored elasticity.

Finding your own beauty regime

Whether you’re new to splashing out on skincare products, or you simply want to start again, it can feel a little overwhelming. The first thing to remember is to make sure you understand your skin type; it is likely to be sensitive, dry, oily or normal. This can point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right skincare products to use.

Secondly, make sure you check the ingredients and ensure you’re happy with what you are putting on your skin. Research and check any ingredients you aren’t sure of! It’s important to know what’s going on your skin, just as much as it’s important to know what you’re eating.

If you have existing skincare products, check the expiration date, especially if you know you haven’t used them in a while. If the products have expired or close to expiring, it’s better to buy new ones and start afresh!

Lastly, ensure that any moisturiser you buy has SPF for extra protection. This is so important, even if you’re not out in direct sunlight all day as SPF can help to protect your skin further.