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5 Reasons Why Latex Mattress is The Best Mattress Type for Designing Your Bedroom

Which mattress is better? The orthopedists recommend choosing a mattress depending on the state of health, weight, and age. But this is only one of the general recommendations. If the morning awakening on a new bed is not associated with pain or tension in the back we congratulation, you have made the right choice, and the orthopedist will confirm this. Do not neglect personal preferences. Someone likes spring mattresses, and someone more likes latex. Some want to “sink” in soft mattresses like a cloud, while others feel better on hard mattresses filled with coconut coir.

In this article, we want to introduce you to a new kind of mattress such as a latex mattress.

Usually, latex is used in traditional spring mattresses as an upper layer, but you can increasingly notice that this material is used in mattresses instead of a spring unit, and in exclusive models from a wide variety of manufacturers. Why did latex mattresses become so interesting? There are a few main reasons which we are going to uncover below.

Main reasons to choose the latex mattress

The site Plush Beds identifies several main reasons for the increased interest in latex mattresses.

Environmental friendliness

The first and the main reason is the people’s interest in choosing an environmentally friendly mattress. It also includes those who prefer a mattress made of natural materials, those who prefer a mattress of renewable materials and those who want to be sure that their mattress does not poison the room with chemical evaporation.

Latex is a very resilient and high-quality material, also durable and maximally foamed, which is based on the juice of a rubber tree – Hevea. An important indicator of the quality of latex is the ratio of the amount of raw material natural (this is the juice of the tree of Hevea) and special additives. It is decisive when positioning the material as such, which refers to groups of natural latexes or synthetic ones.


It is achieved due to the content of rubber fibers. Natural latex mattresses render good support and take the form of a body of a sleeper. Excessive fluctuations, wiggling, unnecessary pressure points are eliminated.


Hevea juice is famous for its antiseptic effect, it instantly kills any bacteria and microbes. Natural latex retains these properties. So, your mattress will be absolutely clean and safe for everyone, even for children … No dust mites, no mold, fungi.

Orthopedic effect

Latex has orthopedic properties. Thanks to the elasticity, fills the voids, is forced into places of maximum load, while evenly distributing the pressure. This promotes greater relaxation, proper blood circulation, and, as a consequence, less stress on the heart muscle.


No special means are required. To keep the mattress clean, occasionally ventilate it until you wash the removable cover. If you look after the mattress correctly, it will last you 15-20 years, and sometimes longer. Natural latex is very strong and elastic. It retains the original shape and smooth surface of the mattress for years. No deformation, depressions, lumps, and creases!
How to buy a latex mattress?

In order to choose a magnificent latex mattress, remember a few rules, and this will help you get a quality one.

1. Choose 100% natural latex, and not artificial or a mixture of latexes. Natural latex is more “lively” and “responsive”, has a better elasticity than an artificial or latex blend. It gives a better sense of comfort. In addition, this material is durable, resistant to caking and adapts to the shape of the body
2. Look for a simple latex mattress design. This will help in the future to avoid problems associated with the displacement of layers and the movement of contents inside the mattress. Avoid mattresses with an excessive number of zones or “stripped down” design.
3. If you liked the latex mattress according to the description, be sure to choose a monolithic block made of natural latex (the mattress should in no case be glued). This kind of material provides excellent support.
4. Choose a breathable outer cover for the mattress, preferably from a mixture of wool or cotton, which does not contain chemical flame retardants.
5. Buy a mattress from a reputable company that is easily accessible and has unbiased reviews from third parties.
6. Look for a reliable guarantee for at least 10 years with the obligation to completely replace it for at least several years. The seller, who cares about his reputation, will agree to pick up his product. Also, there should not be any problems with obtaining a copy of the warranty card.

About a third of life a person spends in a dream. Our state of health and mood depends on a place which we sleep on. Correctly matched mattress, taking into account individual features, will help you to absolutely relax and fully rest. Latex mattresses are ideal for people with low weight, and people with large and even excessive weight. And as mixed pairs, when one of the people weight is small, and the second far exceeded 100 kg up to 160-170 kg.

A latex mattress is the best investment in your health. After all, we do not have much health that would sleep on x mattresses.