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Lanzarote Airport Webcam: Why Is It Interesting?

In addition to its obvious use in video conferencing, the webcam quickly gained popularity as a means of allowing some Internet users to contemplate the world through cameras connected to the Internet by others. Currently, there are cameras that broadcast images of city streets, private homes, countryside, offices, city panoramas, erupting volcanoes, cable cars, bakeries, etc. There are webcams even in space (for example, on the International Space Station).

In this article, we will tell you in more detail about the Lanzarote Airport webcam and define the uniqueness of this place.

What Is a Lanzarote Airport Webcam?

Everyone can use a live webcam today and see the Lanzarote airport that is situated in the Canary Islands. It is an international airport of Lanzarote island and is part of the Canary Islands archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. It belongs to Spain. The airport can be found in the municipality of San Bartolomé on the east coast of the island, 5 km from Arrecife, the capital of the island.

Why Is It Exciting to Watch the Webcam Online?

The webcam is located in the building of the airport itself. Its lens is aimed at the runway, allowing you to trace the takeoffs and landings of aircraft. The planes that can be seen on the runway connect the island not only with other Spanish cities but also with all of Europe. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the landing strips are so small. This is because this popular resort island cannot provide a lot of extra space.

The Lanzarote Airport webcam offers to carefully observe the area, which makes it possible to experience all the charm of this place. The camera is active during the day and night. Thanks to this, you can personally observe the takeoff and landing of aircraft at any time you need. It should be noted that the planes are not that big and most of them are middle class. But despite this, they look great.

The horizon is another fascinating object of observation. It is fully represented here by the water surface. There is a great opportunity to see beautiful yachts and pleasure liners.

The airport webcam is very unique, captivating, and interesting. It is not always possible to see an airport with high-quality images. There is very little space for various details. But despite this, the palm trees that are located directly under the webcam will definitely cheer you up and give you bright emotions.

Large Passenger Terminal of the Airport

A large passenger terminal appeared at the airport in 1970. When the flow of tourists began to increase exponentially, it was decided to build another terminal that could serve millions of passengers daily. Thus, Terminal 1 was built in 1991. The airport has excellent transport accessibility. At least 4 bus lines connect Terminal 1 with the cities of the island. 

Don’t waste your time and just watch the webcam! A fascinating picture will surely give you a lot of positive emotions.