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Top 10 Gainesville Realtors

The process of buying and selling a home can prove stressful for many people. However, when you hire the right real estate agents like Proteamgainesville, the process is simplified as you can rely on their expertise to make critical decisions. The Pro Team – Keller Williams Realty is one of the top realtors with strong values and a sense of community that can help you match your needs to a property that you can call home. Below is a list of realtors in Gainesville who can help you find a home. 

The Pro Team – Keller Williams Realty

The team of real estate professionals is known for its strong values in the industry. Their services are rooted in honesty, integrity, and professionalism to create an efficient, stress-free experience for their clients. Their main goal is to ensure that their client’s goals are achieved while providing an unrivaled experience from beginning to end. 

Mitchelle Hazen of Sage Real Estate

Mitchelle Hazen, the company owner, has over 30 years of experience exploring different parts of the Gainesville area. She uses this extensive experience to help buyers and sellers find the right properties and agreements. She has a strong background in sales and marketing that enables her to easily identify client needs and match them to existing properties. 

Lisa Baltozer of BHGRE Thomas Group

Lisa was born in Florida and has spent over 20 years residing and working in the area. Throughout these years, she has helped numerous buyers and sellers find their dream homes. She has a strong academic and professional background in sales and property management which makes her conversant with the industry trends, laws, policies, and changing market needs. 

Jen Bass of Trusted Realty Group

As one of the premier agents in the company, Jen is known for her speed in selling homes to the right buyers. She uses her wide network of clients to ensure that all properties listed under her care sell faster than the initially expected timeframe. 

Rick Barton of Watson Realty Corp

Rick specializes in creating excellent hassle-free transactions through efficient paperwork. Since 2017, he has helped buyers, and sellers gain clarity on the details of their sales agreements and other legal transactions to make them more efficient. 

Kim Horner of REMAX

Kim takes her experience living in Gainesville since 2001 to help clients in their exciting journey of finding their new homes. She has worked as a real estate agent since 2017 and focuses on making her clients happy by ensuring they get a home that suits them. She loves showing clients around her hometown with the goal of helping them transform these houses into their homes.

Rabell Realty Group

They have a high level of professionalism that starts from the top management to the agents on the field. Their real estate agents have a wealth of information about the community and can advise on matters beyond real estate to make your transition smoother. They also have a keen ear, actively listen to their clients, and provide prompt feedback. None of their clients feels lost throughout the process as they keep them constantly in the loop on all relevant developments. 

Lindsey Johnson of KW Gainesville Realty partners

Lindsey is knowledgeable about the Gainesville area, having lived there for years. She is also one of the most available real estate agents, keeping her clients in the loop concerning any potential homes that meet their needs. She consistently answers questions and is a great helping hand to all clients, especially first-time homeowners who are not familiar with the buying and selling process. 

Thompson Home Team of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

Since 2012 Kristen Thompson has helped clients find the perfect home by analyzing market trends and needs. As a graduate with an MBA, she is conversant with the field of research and has used this experience to place her clients at a competitive advantage when buying and selling their homes. 

Bosshardt Realty Services

With 34 years of experience in the industry, the brokerage firm specializes in training, educating, and recruiting real estate agents in Gainesville. They are a great source of reliable recommendations since they interact with many of the agents operating in the area. 

There are many real estate agents in Gainesville, but the ones mentioned above are among the most reputable. They have years of experience, and each has unique strengths based on their firm’s and personal values and interests in the field. Once you identify your needs, look over this list to find a realtor who is keen on meeting them and reach out to begin your buying and selling journey.