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How Much Do Tree Surgeons Charge

Trees are a welcome addition to any garden, but just like any other living thing, they can become diseased or die. Unfortunately, ignoring a sick tree may be a fatal mistake. Branches may fall and damage your property, and in the worse cases, they may cause bodily injury to your loved ones.

Hiring a tree surgeon is the best way to keep your trees safe and healthy.

The role of a tree surgeon

A tree surgeon is the right person to call if you suspect one of your trees is unhealthy. These professionals, also known as arborists, specialise in the cultivation and maintenance of all types of trees, shrubs, and woody plants. In addition to treating diseased trees, arborists also offer transplanting, pruning, and removal services.

Estimated costs for services

No two trees are the same. The size, condition, and location of a particular tree may play a role in determining the cost of a specific service. The type of tree and its age may also be factored into the cost. Alpine Tree Surgeons provide estimates on a per-job basis.

Depending on the service, the arborist may charge a flat rate. Tree felling and crown reduction, for example, usually come with a set cost per tree. If the tree requires a more complicated service, however, the tree surgeon may charge an hourly fee. Expect to pay anywhere from £40 or more per hour.

There may be hidden costs as well. An arborist also needs to buy tree climbing spikes for a successful climb. You may have to pay an additional charge for chipping machines, for instance. Always ask the tree surgeon to provide you with a breakdown of the fees, including the total cost for the work, wood debris removal, and VAT. You should also find out if planning permissions are needed and who will obtain them.

Hire an experienced tree surgeon

While it may tempt you to hire the most inexpensive person for the job, this is not a wise choice. Many things can go wrong during tree surgery, including property damage. Tree felling requires the right tools and experience to do it right. Diagnosing a sick tree also requires the proper training. It’s not worth saving a few pounds to go with an inexperienced trader who claims to be a tree surgeon.

Before you hire a tree surgeon in London or across the UK, be sure to find out whether they carry insurance. It’s also smart to ask to see certificates of their training. Any tree surgeon should also work according to British Standards. They should be able to tell you if a tree is protected, and if so, how to proceed. A skilled arborist also knows how to obtain a risk assessment and can advise you on how to get necessary permissions.