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How Handbags Portray Your Personality

People say that first impressions are permanent and all that matter. We believe that you can always get a second chance, especially if you’re a girl, you get to prove yourself the second time even better. Although some won’t forget your first face or personality, with the right accessories, especially handbags and shoes, you can always prove yourself to be outstanding. There are so many brands available in the market to choose. But if you are a fan of big brand and do not have budget for them, then you can give a try to replica handbags. They will look same as original brand and no one can recognize them.

Heading: The way you carry your bag matters too!

So you might think carrying a branded bag is the key but truth be told, the way your carry your bag, either on your shoulder, cross body or in the hand, says a lot about you! So we have some styles below for carrying your handbags to portray your personality for different events:

1) Crook of Your Elbow

This shows your prestige and is genuinely concerned about your status and position. Not that it’s a bad thing, but people over the age of 40 have this kind of concern. Normally, you’d see rich women carrying their bags at the crook of the elbow or wrist. People will instantly think you’re high maintenance. Keep your standards high with this style of a handbag! To choose this style, look for Bottega Veneta at Harrolds.

2) A Clutch in Your Hand

Kate Spade clutches should be your go-to style if you’re going casually to a grocery store or somewhere where you need the money or credit cards in hand. This style of carrying the bag shows you’re organized, efficient, and put-together.

3) Body Language Matters Too

So if you’ve got a hand-size clutch in your hands but you’re intending to criss-cross your arms and hold it against your body upfront, it shows you’re shy and quiet introverted regardless of what brand you’re holding. You might have people not reach you at parties because of the body language portrayed by you.

4) Crossbody Bag

Givenchy or Fendi crossbody bags are super ‘independent’. They make you look like you’re in a rush but keeping the class on. It shows that, to you, functioning efficiently but smoothly and quickly is preferred to you more than anything else. Another big thing about crossbody bags is that it’s the easiest way to carry your fancy bag especially in a big crowded city such as Tokyo or New York.
Keep the bag up front and your hand on it lest you’re robbed of not just the bag but everything inside. Still, it won’t be much of a problem since you’re wearing a cross-body bag.

5) Backpacks

Study shows that people who want to feel more independent and free, use this type of style. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Nike, Jansport, or even an MK backpack. If you wear a backpack, it shows you’re genuinely concerned with not just your needs but everyone else’s considering how many things can actually fit in a backpack.

This style is mostly used by people under 30 since they’re students or frequent travelers.

Your personality is revealed by the way you carry your handbags. As you can see above, even tiny gestures and body language adds a lot to your personality.