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Your Guide to the Saarinen Chair

Eero Saarinen brought to life his passion for design in Saarinen furniture. The saarinen chair is particularly popular because it can fit in a modern or rustic setting. They come in a range of colors and designs, so you get to choose one that is most suitable.

Saarinen Executive Chair

The saarinen executive chair is an interesting design because this chair can be used in the office and dining rooms. The Saarinen executive chair comes in various designs, so you get to choose one based on the image you are hoping to portray.

For example, are you looking for an executive chair to use in your office exclusively and would like one that is different yet similar to the rest of your office furniture? If you are, you can opt for the armless with a swivel base or go for the armchair with a swivel base. If you don’t want a swivel base, you can choose the armless or armchair variations but with wood or steel legs.

The Saarinen executive chair has a molded polyurethane back shell that is reinforced with contoured plywood to make it firm against your back. So, you remain comfortable even after sitting for several hours.

Saarinen Tulip Collection

If you are looking for more artistic design, especially if you want your Saarinen chair to be the focal point in the room, you can opt for any of the tulip chairs. Some of the Saarinen chairs in the tulip collection include the armchair with an upholstered back, armchair, armless chair, armless with upholstered back, and the tulip stool.

This collection comes in a range of colors, with some chairs having multiple hues to add style to the design. It is easier to use the Saarinen chair tulip collection as accessories to your home interior decor.

The womb collection

When looking at the Saarinen womb chair collection, you’ll discover one for children, a medium and larger version for adults, a womb settee, and a womb chair with an ottoman. This collection comes in a range that allows you to choose one based on the ideal size and color.

The seat shell is covered with molded fibreglass. The steel legs give it stability, irrespective of the weight of the person using it. Given the unique design, the womb chair can easily fit in with the rest of your furniture, either as an addition when you have more guests and require additional chairs. It can also have a permanent position in your living room or any other space, and still look great, irrespective of your interior decor theme.

Saarinen Executive Stool

If you need a stool for your kitchen island or bar, the Saarinen executive stool is an ideal choice. When choosing the executive stool, you get to decide between the counter height, which is 40 inches, and the bar height, at 45 inches.

The executive stool is comfortable thanks to the contoured back shell, which allows you to rest should your back need support. The stools come in various colors, so you get to choose between simple and plain colors, and bright, colorful varieties.

When looking for timeless designs, look no further than the Saarinen chair. The design caters for people looking for stylish, unique chairs that are also functional and durable. When you buy a Saarinen chair, you are guaranteed that your investment will last a lifetime.