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Top 6 Accessories You Must Buy for Your iPhone X

The iPhone X is undoubtedly Apple’s best smartphone to date which is dripping with flagship features like Face ID facial recognition, wireless charging a gorgeous edge-to-edge OLED display, and of course, who could forget those fun-packed Emojis.

And if you’re lucky enough to have gotten your hands on an iPhone X and a stylish iPhone X back covers, you’ll want to make the most of it that is why we’ve rounded up six of the very best accessories currently on the market. There is a various company in the market which are dealing in accessories of iPhone X. Daily Objects provides you with all your stylish iPhone X accessories needs.

It’s not just only the screen you should worry about but also the phone’s slick metal body can be scratched, dinged or dented, too. Daily Object’s back cover and other accessories is a smart idea to help protect the frame and display of your iPhone X.  Buy here some accessories if you hold an iPhone X.

1.Daily Objects Modular back cover for iPhone X

Your case your way

Do you want to get a bumper or a protective back cover for your pricey new iPhone X? Plump for Daily Objects and you won’t have to choose between the two. That’s because it’s new modular iPhone X back cover allows you to switch things depending on your needs.

Simply remove the minimalist bumper rim and replace it with a stylized Daily Objects backplate, which also plays nice with the company’s range of add-on camera lenses.

2.Belkin 3.5mm Audio + Charge iPhone Adaptor

Solves a major iPhone problem

When Apple ditched the headphone jack last year, then everyone knew it wasn’t coming back for the iPhone X along with its iPhone X back cover. This Belkin port splitter helps you to plug in your old wired headphones without hogging the sole Lightning port, allowing you to sync or charge your phone while you listen along to music.

3.SandMarc Wide Lens Edition for iPhone X

Upgrade your photos

California-based SandMarc’s 16mm Wide Lens Edition premium multi-coated optics. Featuring a thin and sturdy lens case mount along with a detachable clip mount if you want to use your own case, or even none at all – SandMarc compact screw-on lens which takes the iPhone’s ability to capture a broad view to exceptional new heights, with little to no distortion in evidence along with iPhone X back cover.

4.Daily Objects Designer Pop Holders

Stand, hold and play- all in one

The designer pop holder cradles your handset in a vertical portrait orientation, making it easier to unlock your phone with Face ID and view the screen while placing it seamlessly between your fingers.

5.Mophie Charge Force PowerStation

Keeps your iPhone powered up

iPhone X road warriors with significant high energy requirements need to look no further. This slim brick from Mophie packs up to 10,000mAh battery, making it sufficient to charge Apple’s latest smartphone three and a half times over – perfect for when you’re off the grid and away from a power outlet for some days with iPhone X back cover.

The Force PowerStation is Qi wireless compatible, so all you need to do is just to place your iPhone X on top of it while it’s lying flat. It supports pass-through charging, so if it’s connected to a power source, your phone recharges first, then the brick recharges itself.

6.Jaybird Run True Wireless Sport Headphones

An AirPod alternative

Interchangeable fins and tips make the Jaybird Run earphones more secure than Apple’s buds and with a four-hour playtime plus eight hours more in the charging case, they’re an ideal and perfect sporty alternative.