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Hotels Strive Hard to Fulfill Best Bed and Breakfast Services to Their Guest

The moment we step out of our house for a vacation, we crave to disengage ourselves with any kind of routine household activities like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc., and we look forward to the luxurious hotel services. For the hospitality industry, guest satisfaction is paramount. If the guest leaves with a big smile, expect a bigger customer base!

This is especially applicable in places like Hamptons, an ideal dream destination for local and global travelers. Just how possibly the hotels here could survive if they are not offering the best bed and breakfast services in Hamptons, New York or other such areas.

Guests look for world-class hotel services

Since we specialize in Hamptons and Montauk bed and breakfast, we have listed below services which are a MUST when it comes to grabbing the eyeballs of travelers locally and globally.
Absolute Cleanliness

One thing that turns the guests away from the hotel gate itself is its unkempt terrain. A guest reviewmentioning ‘Less Hygienic’ is enough to strike that hotel out of their list. Whether it is the floor, bathrooms, dining areas, or swimming pools; cleanliness should hold the highest importance.

Many a time, the guest complains of the blood-sucking mosquitoes or bed bugs, for which there is a zero-tolerance limit. And why not?! In the next few minutes, that guest would be seen storming out of the hotel, if these issues are not fixed.

  • Availability of someone at your service 24*7

Since the guests are of all sorts-sober, restless, grumpy and demanding, one should be ready to deliver their reasonable demands and have well trained staff to handle the whims and fancies of the guests.

Especially with kids around, the rooms get messier, which needs frequent cleaning. Imagine the stress that a mother goes through with a cranky baby at hand. Keeping handy all the things that would take care of such a situation, will for surely make the guest visit that hotel often. Not only that, the guest will refer you to many more prospective guests.

  • Comfortable beds give a sound sleep and complete relaxation

At the end of a tiring day, all one needs is a sound sleep. A good quality bed with comfirtable bedding and pillows will guarantee the good mood of the guest for the next day. Only a fool will not care for a bed in which one can just hop and sink in!

  • Breakfast has to be a complementary offering

The second most important thing after sleep is to satiate the hunger for delicious food. The guests expect a complimentary breakfast when they decide to book a room with the hotel. Some of the best bed and breakfast hotels provide decent, while some lay down a luxurious spread. Trust me, if they love the food and its presentation; they will definitely choose to return back and may refer to others too!

  • Bathroom needs to be up to date for use with all basic toiletries

Fix those leaky taps and showers. A hot shower facility is a must. Proper plumbing in the bathroom is a great relief to the guest. After a tiring day out, no one wants to face any bathroom inconvenience.

  • Etiquette and manners do make an impact

The staff of the hotel is going to build the hotel’s brand by acting as their representatives. Politeness should be the employees’ middle name. The employees should be well trained of being capable to handle the service requests of the guests.

Great communication and negotiation skill works wonders to win the guest. Always remember that the guest is there on a vacation, and a little rudeness coming their way might not be tolerated.

  • Complimentary Internet is the basic need of today

Even on their vacation, one thing that the guests are obsessed with is a seamless internet facility for work and leisure. A complimentary high-speed internet service will definitely earns some brownie
points for the hotel.

Additional facilities that make a noticeable difference:

  • Fitness Center
  • Game zone
  • Swimming pool
  • Greenery/Garden area
  • Play area for kids
  • Spa and beauty services
  • Parking facility

Valuable Tips to follow if you want to be top-notch in Guest Handling

  • Solve guest grievances instantly

Solve the guest grievances as early as possible, pro-actively if possible. Long overdue issues can lead to irritable guests and bad reviews.

  • Respond to the guest’s feedback

When a guest gives feedback in writing, always respond. The guests will feel that their words have been valued and will continue to be a trustworthy guest.

  • Pick up and drop facility

The guest will be relieved of the stress of waking up early and rushing to catch a cab, especially when they need to reach the airport at odd times.

  • Surprises make the day

Everyone loves surprises, even if it is of little monetary value! A complimentary cake on the guest’s birthday or a complimentary special candle-night dinner for the newlyweds will always be cherished by that guest. Even after years, they will refer to that hotel for how special they made them feel.

  • A personal touch can be felt

A guest loves being given special treatment. A personalized approach by learning about the guest’s likes and dislikes can get the hotel in their good books. But one must be careful too as if it goes beyond a line, it turns into interference.

  • The flexibility of check-in and check-out

Very few hotels provide the facility of ‘Any time check-in and out’. This is one facility that lures the guests. Since the flights takes off and land at odd- times, there must be such a facility that keeps the hotel rooms open for them at their convenience, and of course keeping the monetary considerations in mind.

  • Sauna or a complimentary massage

Anything complimentary will definitely turn the eyeballs! A complimentary spa or massage will win an extra point to choose that hotel.

  • Daycare for kids

Daycare serves as such a relief to a couple who wants to enjoy some alone time. It frees them of the time and stress of catering to the kid all the time during their holiday, especially at places where young ones are not permitted. This can be a real blessing for not just a specialized Hamptons and Montauk bed and breakfast service like us but also others as well.

The best way to provide the best bed and breakfast services in Hamptons, New York, or elsewhere is to think proactively and handle the issues before they arise. Keeping in touch with the guests and emitting a friendly vibe can ensure a strong relationship between the staff and the guest.