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What You Need To Know When You Need Labor Hire Services

Labor hire is becoming a popular way of getting the skilled staff you need when you need them. They are particularly relevant in the construction industry although there are many other industries that can benefit from this approach.

What Is A Labor Hire Service?

A labor hire services agency keeps details of lots of different workers. They are all technically employed by the agency. You can request details regarding workers with a specific skill set, or you can simply request a worker.

The agency has vetted all their workers, ensuring that you get someone who is qualified and experienced. The best part is that you pay the agency as a company providing you with a service. They maintain the employment of your labor hire employee. This means you can use the employee for a short space of time or an extended period, depending on your needs.

The agency looks after the worker’s pay, holiday time, and everything else.

Why Use Labor Hire Services

It’s easy. The paperwork is minimal, you have the help you need when you need it, and you don’t have to worry about hiring and firing. 

In short, it can help to keep your costs to a minimum and still get you the best workers in the industry.  It can also be a good way to test potential new employees and decide if they are a fit for your team.

What You Need To Know

The labor hire service will take care of all the paperwork, you just sign a contract with them. You can choose a worker or simply be allocated a competent one. If you don’t like them or they don’t appear to have the right set of skills, you can request a different worker.

Because they are employed by the agency, not you, it’s very easy to take them on and dismiss them.

Labor hire is a great idea when you have a tight deadline and need the extra help. They are also a good option if you suddenly suffer staff losses due to sickness or some other issue. Equally, labor hire agencies can give you the specialists you need without you having to go through the hiring process and keep them on your books all year round. 

But, you should be aware of the following when using a labor hire service:

  • Set it up in advance

You don’t want to wait until you need extra labor to speak to your labor hire service. Set up a contract with them as soon as you can, this will ensure all the necessary checks are done and, when you need a worker, you can get them without delay. 

  • They cost more

Going through a labor hire service costs more than hiring your own worker. This is because you’re paying for the convenience of having them when you need them. You’re also paying toward the overheads of the agency which needs to make a profit. 

But, the benefits of a labor hire agency outweigh the disadvantages, especially when you find yourself in a tight spot.

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