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5 Reasons Las Vegas Is the Wedding Capital of the World

If you think getting married in Las Vegas is something people only did in the ’60s and ’70s, think again. Over 300 people tie the knot in Sin City every day, which equates to around 120,000 marriages each year.

Why does Vegas remain a popular place to get married after all these years? It’s not just because of Elvis impersonators. Read on for five reasons you should get married in Las Vegas.

1. It’s Crazy Affordable

The average couple spends nearly $34,000 on their wedding. If you don’t have that kind of money for your reception or would rather use it as a down payment on a home, the good news is you can get married in Vegas for a fraction of that cost.

If you’re going the quickie route, you can get a marriage license for under $100 and reserve a chapel for about the same amount. Of course, you can go all out and make your trip into a full-blown destination wedding. But if it’s affordability you’re after, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper place to get married.

2. It’s Fast and Convenient

Getting married in Las Vegas is convenient and easy, which is why so many couples have eloped here. You don’t need a blood test and you won’t have to wait long to exchange vows. If you have a social security card, valid ID, and money, you can get married the same day.

And chapels are about as plentiful as casinos in Vegas. Most of them are situated between Downtown and the Strip, so take your pick.

When it comes to wedding receptions in Las Vegas, you can also find many options to fit your budget and preferences. From lavish hotel ballrooms to intimate outdoor ceremonies, Las Vegas has it all.

3. Plenty of Entertainment

Even outside of your hotel room, you’ll never be bored on a Vegas honeymoon. The city has transformed its once sleazy reputation into a family-friendly playground with plenty of shows, concerts, shopping venues, and restaurants to enjoy.

And of course, there’s also gambling if that’s your thing.

4. Your Photos Will Look Great

There are plenty of fantastic photo backdrops in and near Vegas. Downtown Vegas has fountains and neon lights, while nearby Red Rock Canyon offers up spectacular desert views. No matter the setting, your photos are bound to look beautiful.

5. It’s Not Just For Quick Weddings

If tiny chapels and lightning-fast vows aren’t your thing, it’s very easy to plan a traditional wedding in Vegas. There are a variety of wedding reception venues to accommodate any budget and size guest list. They offer packages that include flowers, catering, entertainment, and more to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Most couples are able to have their entire wedding including the ceremony and reception take place at the same venue in Vegas.

You Won’t Be Disappointed If You Get Married in Las Vegas

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to get married in Las Vegas, not the least of which is the versatility this colorful city has to offer. Don’t rule it out if you’re planning a wedding.

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