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Tips to Choose Luxury Bedding and Linen For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is also considered as one of the most personal spaces you have in your home. On average, you spend a third of your life in bed. This is the reason why you have to make sure that you get a comfortable bed for you to rest after a long tiring day.

Aside from the mattress and bed frame, beddings and linen should be an essential consideration for making a bed comfortable. Choosing fine linens requires enough knowledge on what to look for in good quality sheets. To give a perfect look to your bedroom check out egypitan cotton royalty bedding sets.

Below are some of the things you should consider when choosing luxury sheets for your bedroom:

1. Examine The Fabric Type

Linens are made from a wide range of fabric types like cotton, silk, satin, or flannel. There are linen types that incorporate synthetic fabric to make them more durable. High luxury linens, on the other hand, are pure cotton or silk fabrics.

Cotton Fabric – Some fabrics are suitable for cold weather, and some are appropriate for the summer. Sheets play a vital role in making sure that your body temperature is regulated when you sleep at night. Natural fibers like Egyptian cotton are the best choices to get a good night’s sleep. The threads in these kinds of fabric maximize air circulation keeping your body temperature good enough to make sleep comfortable.

Silk Fabric – If cotton is not the kind of fabric that suits your needs, you should also look into choosing silk fabric. Silk luxury linens help make your hair and skin soft and glossy when you wake up in the morning. The structure of the strands in the material is naturally equipped to keep the moisture close to the skin, and your locks tamed even when you move around at night.

Linen Fabric – If you want the feeling of waking up one morning with the relaxed feel and breeze of the beachside, choose linen fabrics. Linen is one of the oldest and traditional materials today. Just like silk, linen has anti-static features that help soften your skin and gives you a fresh feel when you wake up in the morning.

2. Always Look For The Thread Count

Luxury beddings have the highest thread count among the different types of bedding and linens. For superior comfort and sleep, you should look for the linen with the high thread count. Cloths that have lower thread counts are usually thinner and more fragile. However, there are common misconceptions with it comes to choosing the right thread count for cozy linens and beddings.

Thread count is the measure of the fineness of the fabric. It is counted by the number of threads used per square inch of the linen. Although you might be tempted to go for the highest thread count choice, having a higher thread count does not automatically mean that the fabric is of good quality.

High thread counts could mean that manufacturers have included a twisted thread of yarns in the fabric.

It is a misleading move by many to urge people to choose their linen. High-Quality bedding would usually have a thread count between 300 to 400. Thread counts that are higher than 400 are thicker and have less breathability, which makes it uncomfortable for use.

3. Inspect The Weaves On The Sheets

Not many people may not know this; how the sheets were woven have a direct impact on the overall feel of the sheet. Luxury linens are costly because they feature tighter weave patterns.

There are different kinds of fabrics depending on the weave. Below are the most common fabric types categorized according to its design:

Percale – this is a plain-woven fabric made from cotton yarns. Many people prefer this kind of material because it is lightweight and has a crisp feel and finish.

Sateen – not to be confused with satin fabric, this type of weave features more vertical threads. Bed linens that are sateen have a smooth and lustrous finish that is also very similar to satin fabric.

Microfiber – uses synthetic fibers, which has a very fine consistency as compared to the others. The threads are tightly woven to create a soft finish. The tight and thick weave of the fabric makes it water-resistant and dust-proof.

Jacquard – this weave has a more elaborate pattern that contains a slightly raised area of enhancement. This weave is most common in decorative pillows and comforters.

4. Choose A Relaxing Color And Pattern

Going for the right colors and design also matters when choosing a luxury bedding for your bedroom. You might see in magazines that luxury beddings have cool and relaxing hues and shades. Many luxury brands use the psychology of colors when offering high-quality linens and beddings.

Color can affect a person’s mental disposition. The colors blue and green help people feel relaxed while the color red can strike higher energy. Different hues send signals to your brain and influence your feelings and behavior. This is the reason why many interior designers recommend cool colors for the walls of a bedroom.

When more refreshing hues surround you, you get to relax and sleep better. For high-quality linens, white is always a staple color since it is the color of peace and cleanliness. There are also other colors you can choose from, like ivory and light brown.

If you want to mix and match patterns to show your personality and style in the bedroom, there are also luxury beddings that are available in different forms. For luxury sheets, it is best to choose a mix of different patterns that are in the same color hues. It is crucial that you want something that is color-coordinated, so it will still look elegant and high-class.


Luxury beddings and linens are all about quality and the sophistication of the design. If you want to step-up your comfort and style, luxury beddings and linens are a must-have in your bedroom.

Before buying beddings, always make sure that you examine the thread count, weave style, and fabric type to know if the cloth is of high quality or not. Choosing the right color and pattern is also crucial as luxury linens usually feature stylish and chic designs. Selecting the right color and pattern combination will bring out the elegance in any bedroom.

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