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Ideas on How to Decorate a Bathroom Mirror

If there is one feature to which you should show more love in your bathroom, it should be your bathroom mirror. The state of your bathroom mirror can make or break the energy in your bathroom space. Mirrors can improve your bathroom’s lighting, give an illusion of more space, and make your space look more stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Wondering how to start revamping your bathroom mirror? Below are some ideas to inspire you.

Frame your mirror

Framed bathroom mirrors pop and add more color to your bathroom space. The first step is to choose the kind of frame you want to use. A colorful frame adds more aesthetics to your space. A good frame can hide de-silvering or prevent it so that your mirror lasts longer. De-silvering is caused by constant damage by water and other substances that seep into the edges at the end of your mirror.

When you frame your mirror, you also provide more opportunities to decorate it. During the holidays or festive seasons, you can customize the theme of your bathroom. For example, you can fix decorations all around the frame, put on stickers, or fix creative lighting all round.

With a framed mirror you can also personalize your space by tucking in your favorite photos, quotes, and more.

Paint your favorite color

If your mirror already has a frame, you can change the color of the paint. For a minimalist look, paint your frame white, black, or any other neutral color. If you like a cheerful look, use conspicuous colors such as red, blue, and green to create a dramatic change. While you can use one color to paint the frame, you can also get creative by coming up with color patterns.

Use a tile mat around the mirror

A tile mat can add a dramatic look to your mirror. Start by measuring the length of the tile mat that you require and cutting it to size. Attach the strips of the mat using a silicone adhesive and wait until it sets before you hang the mirror. You can get a tile mat from your local home improvement store. While purchasing it, ensure that it matches the width of your frame. If you want to achieve a minimalist look, a stone tile mat will help you achieve that. For a happy look, go for bright-colored frames.

Other ideas

Another idea would be to add word art to the mirror; just a short phrase that passes on a good message. You can get stickers at a local craft store. Place the stickers at a place where they will not cause distraction. You can also add fabric flowers at the corner of your mirror to create a floral effect. Washi tapes can also add some color to the frame of your mirror. Look for washi tapes of your preferred colors and cut small bands as you place them strategically on your frame.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways that you can breathe life to your bathroom mirror. Can you think of more ways?