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Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Ever thought about what value your plumbing system adds to your home? Well, if you didn’t know, it’s about 15 per cent of total home value. But this is not the only reason for maintaining your home plumbing.

An efficiently working plumbing system ensures clean water supply and smooth waste removal. But how you maintain your plumbing is very crucial. In this guide, we have rounded up expert home plumbing maintenance tips for you.

We have put together daily, weekly, and seasonal home plumbing maintenance tips for you:

Daily Maintenance Tips

The biggest plumbing problem for a household in Brisbane is clogged clogs. So what should you do daily to avoid clogs? Start with avoiding flushing foreign particles down the drain. Second, it’s difficult to avoid flushing grease matter down the kitchen drain but don’t do it intentionally. Grease can cause nasty clogs that could eventually damage your drain pipes.

Make sure your bathroom is in good condition by keeping its sink and shower drain is flowing freely. Avoid a lot of bath oils and keep screens in good condition to trap hair to reduce shower drain clogs. Always have a trash can in the bathroom to reduce the chances of flushing foreign objects, such as tampons. You should also clear blocked drains to keep wastewater flowing freely.

Another important tip is keeping proper water pressure to prevent stress on your plumbing system. Lastly, avoid chemical clog removal because they will corrode your pipes.

Weekly Maintenance

Some plumbing problems develop slowly with time. A good example is sewer blockage or pipe bursts. But it’s easy to identify signs of most plumbing issues when still small and quick to fix. Weekly inspection of plumbing pipes for leaks is highly recommended. Look for signs of moisture under the sink and walls. You should also check for musty smell or mould growth every weak to detect early leaks. All these are signs of water leaks.

Test for slow shower and sink drains, which is a sign of clogs. Did you see bubbles while the water was draining? If yes, you should have the drain checked for clog build-ups. Don’t forget to check your faucet for leaks every week. Check how well your hot water system is working. Call your hot water plumber to check your unit if the unit is not heating water properly.

Seasonal Maintenance Tips

Daily and weekly home plumbing maintenance usually target small plumbing issues. For seasonal maintenance, you need to work on specific problems caused by seasonal changes. If rains are about to start pounding, clean gutters and be sure that your sump pump is in perfect condition.

Keep the storm drain clean of build-ups to avoid flooding during the rainy season. Tree leaves and pests such as rats usually cause build-ups of foreign materials in the storm drains during the dry season. That’s why it is important to check your storm drains to avoid blockages when the rain starts. For your HVAC system, maintain them in the best condition possible. Call your local maintenance expert to check your unit if the unit is not heating water properly. A maintenance schedule for all your HVAC appliances is highly recommended.

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