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6 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid Every Time You Design a Room

There are more than 6 interior design mistakes that people make when designing a room. However, the six discussed here are the most common, because almost everyone makes them. Should you be able to avoid them, you will pull off a perfect design job.

Decorating your room should not be that hard if you have information, about what not to do.

Here are the mistakes to avoid:

Setting a different décor for each room

If you choose to decorate each room uniquely, three things are most likely to happen:

  • You will spend too much money since you may not be able to buy anything in bulk and get some discounts
  • You will have a color and décor clash such as you have never experienced before. It won’t look good!
  • You will be frustrated by the clashing and you may have to redo the décor again
    Interior décor experts advise you to think of the whole house so that you can create a good harmony throughout the home.

While it does not have to be uniform, it is best that you have a common denominator for the whole house, and then perhaps choose different furniture for each room.

When decorations become too domineering

This is another big mistake that most newbie or DIY interior designers make. They do too much of one thing such that it becomes overwhelming. While it is quite okay to add a vase here and there, a painting on a few walls and so on, be careful not to do it too much lest you turn your home into a museum lookalike.

Decorations are best added randomly, yet in places where they have the biggest impact. Keep the vases, paintings and other decorations to a manageable minimum. They should be compliments to the décor rather than the décor itself.

Underwhelming lighting

There is no need to make all those stunning decorations only to hide them in dull lighting. Yet, many people make this mistake. Make use of the natural light as much as possible, you know, open the windows and let it stream in. However, even in rooms that do not have windows, have more than one source of light.

Install dimmers so that you can control the lighting effect at different times of the day. If you must have physical lamps, make them as few as possible.

Over-furnishing hurts

This is an innocent mistake. However, too much furniture not only consumes too much space, but it also makes the room look like a dumping ground for furniture. No matter how expensive and classy the furniture is, if it is all crammed in a small space, it will not be worth it.
You want room to walk about without hitting your toes. You also do not want the furniture to be the only feature that guests see when they come into your room.

Another thing that you should avoid is having minimal furnishing, yet cramming everything into a small space. Spread it out and create an illusion of space.

Painting the room first

When you paint the wall instead of choosing your mats, rugs and furniture, it becomes quite hard to match everything to the paint. First, collect your furniture and other accessories and they will determine what color you should paint your walls. This is more manageable than the other way round.

When buying your paint, note carefully the color of the most domineering pieces of furniture. If you are buying your paint from a brick and mortar store, you can take a small piece of fabric to the store. Ask for help in selecting the best paint to go with that.

Forgetting a focal point

A focal point is the masterpiece, that piece of décor that captures all the attention of your guests as they enter the room.

It could be a large painting, a window overlooking a nice view and it could also be a fantastic fireplace. The focal point should also help balance all the décor in the room.


While designing homes yourself is always fun, hiring experienced interior design firms is a better option as it offers you best results within affordable prices. If you are from Santa Monica, California, check out Santa Monica interior design firms available to help you with all kinds of designing needs. On the other hand, if you are from Malibu, you can hire a professional Malibu interior designer. But when you design yourself, make sure you avoid the above mentioned mistakes.