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Face Fillers Singapore: Should I get Fillers on my Face?

Face filers are used to treat creases and facial lines to minimize the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles and eye bags. Depending on your preference or aesthetic goals, you can also get face fillers in Singapore to add definition to other facial features like the nose, cheekbones, or even your jawline.

They can enhance your aesthetic appeal, helping you knock off a few years off your appearance. You may need to consider getting fillers on your face if you can notice nasolabial folds.

You may also consider getting fillers on your face if you notice that your cheekbones are slowly losing volume. Fillers can always be used to volumize the flattening curvatures on your face to give you a more appealing aesthetic look.

Do Fillers make your Face Look Fat?

Face fillers aren’t formulated to ruin your face. Therefore, they should not make your face look fat.

However, there is a risk of running into complications if this aesthetic treatment is done wrongly. For instance, if you have the fillers injected in your tear trough and the treatment is done incorrectly, or when you’re not the right candidate for the treatment, there is a risk of these fillers migrating to other parts of your face. 

This would then end up creating little white clumps under your skin, something that may not be really appealing. Either way, the fillers may also make the puffiness you’re looking to correct under your eyes worse if administered incorrectly or with the use of wrong filler materials. 

Finally, if you get an incompetent practitioner who only injects your mid-face, you may end up looking puffy instead of looking younger as you had anticipated. Therefore, the focus when getting face fillers in Singapore should be to replace the lost volume.

How do I choose Face Fillers?

When considering getting face fillers in Singapore, it is usually not about casually injecting the filler material under your skin. Therefore, a good aesthetic doctor will take time to review your risk factors before recommending the best filler for your face.

Here are a few things that may help you choose the right filler for your face;

  • Consider the Qualification, Skills, and Experience of your Aesthetic Doctor

Now, the fillers you may be considering may be the right ones for your face. Nonetheless, the skill, knowledge, and experience of the plastic surgeon who will be administering the treatment will largely influence the final results.

To avoid risks like fillers blocking your blood vessels, thus predisposing you to risks like infections and discoloration on your face; it is prudent that you find a board-certified aesthetic surgeon. It would also be better if you find a plastic doctor who performs several filler treatments each year, so you’re assured that they’ve honed their skills.

Finally, just to be sure, you may also consider looking at the before and after images of the filler treatments, your preferred aesthetic surgeon has administered in the past. This will give you an idea of his level of skills, experience, and what you can expect from your treatment.

  • Your Aesthetic Goals

It goes without mentioning that your aesthetic goals play a significant role in selecting face fillers in Singapore. For instance, if you intend to fill fine lines like the laugh lines, your focus would be on a filler material formulated with a delicate hyaluronic acid form like Belotero.

However, if your focus is to add volume and plump your cheeks, your preference would be thicker and more viscous filler material like Juvederm Voluma. Keep in mind that Juvederm is also effective in plumping the lips, but if you want to add some volume perhaps and add a lift to your lips, you’ll need specially formulated Juvederm filler; Juvederm Volbella, designed for the lips.

  • The Number of Treatments that You Want

You can always combine fillers to get the perfect look that you crave. Nonetheless, it is also essential to acknowledge that some treatments may need multiple injections to deliver the ultimate results that you desire. Therefore, as a basic rule of thumb, it is prudent that you ask your aesthetic surgeon the number of treatments or series of injections you may need with each filler material to achieve the desired results.

  • How long you’d want the Results to Last

Face fillers are not permanent; therefore, the effects would ultimately wear off. There are face fillers in Singapore that would last for just some months and others that may last for a few years, depending on the speed at which your body metabolizes the filler material and the thickness of that filler.

You will, therefore, need to understand how different filler injections compare. For instance, if you wish to see how your face would look, you may consider a treatment that would last for a short period, most probably six months. If you’re impressed with the results, you can switch to a longer-lasting face filler alternative.

In Closing

Face fillers are efficient and quick. If administered correctly, the results may blow your mind. If you have any inquiries or would love to have these treatments, contact us today so we can see how we can help.