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Wedding Photography Tips for Beginning Photographers

Every photographer knows that a wedding is one of the most touching and important days in the life of his/her clients. That is why you should do everything possible to capture even the smallest details, take pictures of all the touching moments and create an incredible photo-story of this magical day. In this article, you’ll find a lot of useful tips for wedding photographer which will help you avoid some mistakes and take amazing wedding photos.

Here are a few points that you should take into account before you begin taking pictures:

1. Get an assistant
2. Prepare necessary equipment and photography props
3. Plan your shots, white a poses’ checklist
4. Find out who and what things you should capture
5. Don’t miss the details

Why Wedding Photography Can Be Challengeable?

One of the most challengeable features of wedding photography is that you need to capture an event that occurs only once. You will not have the opportunity to hold a photo session again if the pictures turned out worse than expected. Therefore, you should learn as many wedding photography tips as possible to get really cool photos.

One of the first difficulties that you have to overcome is the relationship with the bride and groom and their families. This may be an additional stress for you.

Signing a contract before the shooting is the foundation for further cooperation with your clients. Agree in detail and indicate all the terms and photography services that you undertake to perform. This is a good way to avoid any misunderstandings after the shooting. You also need to discuss the number of edited and unedited photos you should send them. You can send the pictures to wedding photo retouching services or edit on your own.

You should always think about the wedding timeline. Most weddings last only a few hours and you have to capture all the important moments and take lots of pictures during this period. Don’t forget about We have prepared for you a number of useful recommendations that will help you succeed in wedding photography.

Tip 1. Get More Practice and Knowledge from the Professionals

Before you start shooting weddings on your own, you need to gain some experience from an experienced photographer. Work as an assistant with the best masters of wedding photography for some time to get basic knowledge and learn as much as possible. This is a wonderful way to find out lots of wedding photography tips and tricks and avoid many mistakes while your first wedding photoshoot.

Thanks to this collaboration, you can practice your skills, learn various techniques and approaches that you can use in the future. Even if you already know something from these things, it will be a valuable experience for you.

Tip 2. Set Your Camera

Checking your equipment before you go on a shoot should be a routine ritual for you. Make sure the camera and other equipment are working. It is also important to have a spare lens, light, camera, batteries, memory cards, etc. so that no accidents prevent your work.

Tip 3. Stock up with Accessories

Spare batteries, various props, and other important things should become the must-haves in your bag. You can learn more from the wedding photography guide what accessories you should have at your disposal during the shooting. In addition, the ability to make backup copies of your photos and save them to your laptop or cloud storage in real time can be of great importance in case of some troubles with the memory card or your camera.

Tip 4. Work with an Assistant

It is rather difficult to carry all the equipment, back up, and props alone. You may also need help setting up the right lighting or taking the photos of guests and decor. The assistant will help you cope with all the extra tasks and you will focus more on the shooting.

Tip 5. Plan the Shooting Beforehand

Another important advice is connected with your shot-list. You can think not only about what moments you plan to capture, but also take a few extra photos in other beautiful places or with an interesting background. You can discuss with a couple various poses that you plan for them in a preliminary meeting. The bride and groom can also offer poses that they want to see in their wedding album. The finished list can be added to your contract. Keep in mind these wedding photography tips to become a successful photographer.

Remember that you must lead the couple while shooting, instruct them what to do, and help if there are some difficulties. Be patient if any pose is too difficult for them. Do your best to achieve the desired result because positive customer feedback is important.

Tip 6. Shoot the Firsts

While planning your shot-list, you should pay attention to some special moments that your clients would like to have in their wedding album. These are the first appearing, first glance, first dance, first kiss and so on.

As these minutes are very instant and cannot be repeated you must be very attentive. Otherwise, you can miss something important. The couple’s appearing in the church or other venue is one of the crucial moments of the celebration. Use various angles while shooting and try to take as many images as possible with your second shooter.

Tip 7. Capture Emotions

Although the newlyweds are central characters at the wedding, the sincere emotions of joy and happiness of their close people should be framed. You can assign this part of the shooting to your partner. While you are working with the couple, he/she will take photos of the guests watching the lovers with delight and pleasure.

Recommend your assistant to capture a lot of faces so that your customers can cherish these shared memories in the future. They will certainly want to see the smiling faces of their friends, parents, grandparents who are sharing their big day.

Tip 8. Get More Information about the Guests

As a rule, guests of different importance are present at the wedding party. It can be the closest relatives, best friends, colleagues, distant aunts and uncles, neighbors. It will be difficult for you to plan how to photograph a wedding if you don’t know whom you should capture more. Ask your customers about all the invitees and find out whose photos they want to have first of all. Identify these people, find out their names, ask to show their photos.

Tip 9. Pay Attention to the Friends

This should be both group photos with them, as well as individual shots. Have some fun taking separate group pictures of the groom with his friends. Come up with interesting poses and scenes.

Do not forget to do this trick with the bride and her friends. Such images will certainly enhance any wedding album.

Tip 10. Group Photos

You will be lack of time to take separate pictures of each guest with a couple. So you should take group photographs. Having a guest list, you are able to think about the structure of the groups beforehand and manage them with the assistance of your partner.

Do not stop at one snapshot of each group. Someone can turn away or blink while shooting, so you can use several group photos and with the help of wedding photo editing replace eyes or even heads.

Tip 11. Keep Lifestyle

You have to learn how to capture even the smallest details that will make wedding photo memories even more valuable and dearer. Do not miss the sweet, ingenious smile on the face of the baby or some funny scene with best man or bridesmaid. The parents’ tears of happiness or other touching moments must be part of a wedding album.

Such moments are not possible to plan or deliver. Their value is that they are alive, natural, and genuine. Be attentive and you will get a lot of impressive shots. This is all for now. We hope that our wedding photography tips will help you achieve success in your business. If you have your own interesting tips or tricks, share them in the comments.