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Things Every Aspiring Influencer Should Consider

So, you want to be an influencer? Who can really blame you, with Instagram just sat on our phones in our pockets, it’s never been easier for someone to start building their own brand.

However, there’s actually a lot more to it than just uploading a few ‘plandid’ photos with a cute description and a few hashtags. From content planning to working with PR’s, there is plenty going on behind the scenes with some of your favourite Instagram stars.

If you’re thinking about trying to break into the role, here are some of the things that every aspiring influencer should consider.

Pick a niche and stick to it

Becoming an influencer is all about building your personal brand. It’s all about you, so make sure you’re getting yourself out there to the right audience.

Maybe you’re a foodie or maybe you’re more of a fashionista, either way, finding your niche is crucial to becoming an influencer. This will essentially be your rule book, so make sure you’re keeping all your posts thematic and relevant to your chosen ‘brand’.

Be genuine and authentic

Instagram users are pretty eagle-eyed when it comes to spotting a disingenuous account. If you’re posting free stock images or re-posting from other Instagram users, people won’t feel like they’re following a genuine person.

Try to keep all your posts original. Fresh, new content is the best way to engage an audience, so try not to be too much of a ‘poser’.

Consistent content is key

Following on from fresh content, keeping your content plan consistent is crucial. If you sporadically post every now and then, followers will easily forget about your account. Make sure you’re posting new content at least a few times a week, and at the right time of the day too.

It’s also all about the look of your content too. It’s no secret that the more thematic your posts are, the more likely it is to appeal to followers. Try to stick to one colour palette for example. This will make your grid look more visually appealing and help in building that all-important personal aesthetic.

Managing the perks professionally

Once your Instagram has started to gain a respectable following, you’ll notice that brands will start approaching you. It will likely be a PR thing, so it’s important to have a professional email from which you can manage these communications.

The perks of being an influencer can include things like free trips abroad, invites to top events as well as more lowkey things like product placements and giveaways.

You’re more likely to start with the latter and work your way up, so if you’re hosting a giveaway on behalf of a brand, make sure you have a reputable company, like Parcel2Go, to get the products out to winners.

The same applies for when you eventually start selling merchandise, so it’s best to get some good services behind you to support your growing side hustle.

These pointers only really skim the surface on what it takes to become and influencer. Make sure you’re properly clued up before jumping into the world of Instagramming professionally to ensure you’ll make it to the top!