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Creative Ways to Use Wholesale Eucalyptus in Your Home Decor

While flowers are a classic way of decorating interiors, the trend to use non-flowering green shoots for this purpose is only gaining momentum. And this is quite justified because the greenery retains freshness longer than cut flowers. In addition, plants such as eucalyptus, for example, fill the room with a fresh, invigorating scent, creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Let’s take a look at how you can use eucalyptus in bulk to elevate your home decor.

Decorating the House with Eucalyptus: Some Simple and Fresh Ideas

Our consultants at the wholesale flower boutique FiftyFlowers note that the peak demand for eucalyptus falls on the Christmas holidays. It is at this time that people tend to step back from the tradition of using mistletoe and spruce and try something new and unusual in decor. However, once you try to place a composition of eucalyptus in apartments, you will want to do it again and again because it fills the room with a refreshing yet discreet note.

By the holiday, it is better to purchase wholesale eucalyptus so that you can go beyond your imagination and decorate every room:

  1. Use eucalyptus for holiday serving. You can take fresh eucalyptus shoots to decorate each guest’s napkins or use a eucalyptus composition as a table centerpiece. Eucalyptus can be successfully complemented by bright fruits, autumn leaves, cones, or candles.
  2.  Add wholesale eucalyptus to your garland. You can make a wreath to hang over a door, wrap eucalyptus greens around a stair railing, or add it to a traditional cedar or spruce garland for a special touch. You can also place bunches of eucalyptus along a mantelpiece or memento shelf to blend in with another decor such as candles, clocks, or framed photographs.
  3. Decorate your bedroom with an aesthetic wreath. For those who love a minimalist design, florists from FiftyFlowers advise you to purchase a gold hoop and wrap the eucalyptus around its lower half. Gold combined with greenery will have a luxurious but, at the same time, not vulgar look.
  4. In small rooms, it is appropriate to place bouquets of eucalyptus on a bedside table or chest of drawers and create a unique aroma by adding a little lavender and rosemary to the composition.
  5. Effectively decorate the bathroom with eucalyptus, placed over the corner of the mirror or over the shower head. For lovers of a more traditional decor, a vase with eucalyptus, located on the windowsill or on a bathroom counter, is suitable.

As you can see, ideas with eucalyptus as a decoration can be used all year round, complementing it according to your mood with bright elements in the form of red ribbons, twigs with berries, or seasonal flowers.

You can also use eucalyptus greens for wedding decor. In arrangements with white flowers, it will add freshness and symbolize strength, protection, and abundance.

How Long Does Eucalyptus Decor Keep Fresh?

Fresh eucalyptus stems can keep you happy for weeks. If you are inspired by the idea and are in a hurry to decorate your home with these fragrant shoots, use our recommendations:

  • When choosing a eucalyptus at a flower shop, feel the leaf to determine how wet it is. Ideally, the stem should also give the impression that it was in view.
  • If you don’t plan on arranging the day you buy it, it’s best to submerge the stems in water and place them in a cool place.
  • Before putting the eucalyptus in water, prune the stems to give the plant access to water and nutrients, and then do this every three days.

Without water, eucalyptus can stay fresh for 2-3 days, so if you want to use it in dry bouquets, it’s best to put the branches in a mixture of water and glycerin, let the solution soak in for a few days, and then dry the shoots.

To get really fresh plants, contact wholesalers who work directly with suppliers. For example, the FiftyFlowers brand arranges the delivery of correctly packaged flowers to your door, and you can be sure that your eucalyptus will not be damaged during transportation. If you pick up the order yourself, take care of the supply of water, and upon getting home, treat the greens with special preparations as soon as possible to keep maximum freshness for a long time.