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5 Ways to Give Your Newborn a Dream Nursery

Bringing a baby into this world comes with a million little joys along with newborn life. There’s no feeling comparable to looking into your child’s eyes for the first time, hearing babbles of laughter and coos of content, watching them curl their tiny hand around your index finger… within the first day, your heart grows 10 times larger in size—and larger and larger with every additional day that passes.

As you wait in eager anticipation to experience these life-changing moments, there are a number of ways you can build momentum and excitement to Delivery Day: celebrating a wonderful baby shower, curating the cutest baby wardrobe, and of course, decorating an absolute dreamy newborn nursery.

Let’s face it, Moms (and Dads!): those sweet, sentimental moments are peppered with the not-so-greatest of times when you’re up all night nursing, changing endless diapers, or soothing your teething little one until the tears stop. The more relaxed you are in the nursery, the more baby will become, too.

Keep these design strategies and decorating tips in mind to create a tranquil nursery everyone in the family will love!

  • Cater to Your Space

Many first-time parents live in entry-level condos or townhomes, but decorating a nursery in a smaller space shouldn’t feel like an impossible challenge! When you’re not working with a lot of square footage, your goal is to make the area feel as large as possible.

This means cutting back on clutter, avoiding bulky pieces of furniture, and using as much vertical space as possible to your advantage. Stash small toys on shelves, optimize your closet space, and add as much natural light as possible for a wide, open feel—excessively harsh or dark light could make you feel a bit claustrophobic.

  • Choose Your Focal Point

If you’re decorating a small nursery, a simple dresser might be the focal piece of the room. Parents who have bit more space to play with tend to choose the baby crib as the main piece of furniture to which eyes are drawn. Cribs can be ornately beautiful and finely detailed, but they’re also ridiculously expensive.

We suggest spending more on finer bedding that is guaranteed to send baby into sweet slumber rather than the actual framework itself. Pick out a bassinet that converts to a crib as well as a baby playpen, so you can splurge on more dreamy accents.

  • Add Dainty Designs

Whether you’re drawn to a whimsical wall decals to welcome a little girl, baby blue accents for a little boy on his way, a warm, yellow nursery, or none of the above, interior design is always about cohesion.

You don’t have to buy into gender prescriptions by any means, but you should make sure that whichever aesthetic you do decide upon includes complementary colors for a cohesive aesthetic. Brightly-colored, mix-matched hues will only irritate your eyes, making it much more difficult for you and baby to stay relaxed.

  • Reprioritize Relaxation

Speaking of relaxation, make it a priority to include design elements that promote a calming, zen environment within your dreamy space. Some beautiful features that can help you relax include:

    • An ultra-comfortable rocking chair for those long nights ahead
    • A mesmerizing baby mobile to calm and distract the mind
    • A soothing sound-maker that promotes relaxation
    • Twinkle lights for peaceful ambience
    • Softly-hued chiffon curtains that block some light while lending a delicate, ethereal vibe
    • A glowing essential oil diffuser that can double as a nightlight once aromatherapy promotes sleep

Sometimes, keeping your cool is easier said than done in the middle of the night, with both parents and child under-slept. With these add-ons, relaxation will be right around the corner.

  • Finishing Touch and Finesse

Finally, add personality to your nursery with custom details and touch of finesse. That might look like macramé wall hangings, a couple bows hung here and there, newborn portrait photography, a cuddly, over-sized teddy bear, or a rug that makes you feel transported to a secret garden! The only limit is your imagination, so get creative with your design ideas!


Ultimately, there’s no “wrong” answer for decorating your newborn’s nursery. What really matters is creating a special space where you and your little bundle of joy are destined to spend plenty of time bonding in the months to come!