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How to Decorate a Nursery in a Townhome

Just because you’re decorating for a small person doesn’t mean that you should employ small ideas. Accommodating all of the wants and needs for a nursery, like a bassinet or crib, changing table, gliding chair, and large space for tummy time and eventually crawling, can be difficult. Not every apartment or modern townhome has a sprawling area for a nursery, so you’ll have to strategically decorate and furnish to maximize the available room.

Utilize Vertical Space

Who says all the fun needs to be on the floor? When it comes to storing books or small toys, floating shelves are a stylish alternative to bookshelves or toy trunks, just make sure they’re high enough to avoid your toddler’s grasp when they start pulling themselves up.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

There are so many ways to make use of dual-purpose furnishings without breaking the bank. For instance, a boxed-in changing pad can be placed securely on top of a dresser to save space in a bedroom or nursery. In addition, multi-use storage, like a crib with drawers underneath or a built-in closet, is a great way to double space efficiency.

Maximize Closet Space

If you’re living in a townhome or spacious apartment, chances are closet space is scarce. Whether your nursery is in a shared space in your own room or a separate room, a shared closet will help you negate clutter and maximize useable space. Adding an extra tension rod allows you to hang tiny onesies and pants. Given these items’ tiny stature, the rod can be added below or above your own clothes.
A pants hanger can act as a great storage option for hanging baby towels, burp clothes, bibs, and more. You can also roll up baby clothes and store them neatly in small storage bins. Organize each bin by type or size so that you can easily find clothes when your baby manages to poop across an entire outfit.

Create a Space Saving Illusion with Color

White or other neutral colors make for a bright, clean appearance in your nursery. To bring those neutral colors to life, create pops of color with wall art, a custom neon name sign, toys, and blankets. More subdued hues like baby blue, pink, and yellow are appropriate to minimize straining of newborn eyes.

Easy Cleaning

You’ll want to avoid furniture with crevices and hard-to-clean patterns. A nursery can get messy in short order, so stick with easily-sanitized furniture and toys that only need a quick wipe down to stay clean.