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Packing Is Not Easy: Learn How to Pack for Long-Distance Moves

Packing for a flight to a weekend getaway is stressful enough, but packing for a long-distance move is a whole other ball game.

In the US alone last year, 40 million people moved to a new home, which is roughly 14% of the population! So in other words, you’re not alone.

Most people know how stressful this can be, but if you arm yourself with the right knowledge, you’ll take a lot off you back.

Let’s lift with our legs and find out how to pack for long-distance moves.

How to Pack for Long-Distance Moves

Packing is arguably the hardest part of moving. You need the right containers, and you need the right-sized truck to get everything over.

Unfortunately, with a long-distance move, making multiple trips usually isn’t a feasible option. So here are some simple tips for getting everything into the vehicle and into the right spots in your new home.


Don’t spend all your time focusing on getting things into the truck. The headache doesn’t end when you’re done packing. Unpacking is just as difficult, and it often takes even more creativity.

Make sure that the contents of each container hold things that will be going into the same room. You will eliminate a lot of stress this way so you can settle into your new home sooner.

For example, kitchen utensils and decorations can certainly be in the same box. There’s nothing wrong with your pillowcases being in your nightstand drawer either if they are both going to the same place.

The last thing in the world that you want is to get everything to your new home and have to spend weeks on a goose chase to figure out where everything is going.

Save Space

If you have a lot of uniform objects like books, it’s fairly easy to save space with those. It’s impossible to condense books beyond stacking them back to back, and you sure aren’t stuffing your couch into your purse!

When it comes to things like clothes and utensils, however, we can get creative!

Know Your Containers

If there are things you are bringing with you on the move that you know can hold other materials, then use them!

For example, if you’re a frequent flier and you have plenty of suitcases, use those to store your stuff! You’d be amazed at what you can fit in a suitcase!

Basically, you don’t want to waste more space and create more waste to throw out after the move. The goal is to keep the moving truck and your recycling bin as empty as possible.

Backpacks, fishing buckets, baskets, tubs, or anything that is meant to be an easy-to-carry container will do the trick for your lighter items.

If you are having your car towed to your location by the moving truck, or if you are driving it over yourself, don’t forget to utilize this space as much as possible.

Shoes Are Your Friends

If you have a lot of shoes, these are going to be great for small items. If you have a container full of shoes, why not roll up your socks and stick them into them? Or if you have notepads or other small items that can fit in your shoes, why waste an extra box for those?

Don’t Overload

You should absolutely be filling your boxes up to the brim, but don’t overdo it. If you have the bottom half of a box filled with
something heavy like books, feel free to fill the top half with pillows if they’re all going to the same area.

This really comes down to planning. If you have some big, strong movers, you may want to condense some of the heavier items into a few boxes so the rest is easier. In this scenario, just be sure that the container can properly hold all of the contents.

Labels, Labels, Labels

You don’t have to get fancy with this. If you have a label maker, then definitely get excited to use it! However, if you don’t, there is no need to worry. A sharpie will do.

Your fragile items like your crystals and vases need to be taken care of. Not only should they be properly wrapped in bubble wrap and floating in a box full of newspaper or packing peanuts, but they need to be properly labeled. These labels need to be clearly visible for anybody who is helping you move these items, as well.

Get Help

Nobody can move all of their stuff on their own. If you have friends to help you, that’s great. Just remember that you have freshly-painted walls and plenty of fragile items at stake here, and nothing beats the pros!

Getting professional help for long distance moves is always the safest bet for the sake of your stuff, and you can certainly find affordable rates!

If you’ve done the packing for yourself, consider leaving the rest up to the professionals. You’ve accomplished a lot already and you still need to unpack. Give yourself a break.

Make the Next Steps Easier

Now that you know how to pack for long-distance moves, you’re ready to get started. Don’t overthink it. Just be mindful of your vision for where your stuff belongs, and be diligent in looking for opportunities to save space whenever possible.

If you can follow these steps, this move will be a piece of cake! Don’t forget to have the best of the best helping you with your stuff,
because you deserve nothing less!