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Pros and Cons of Buying a Space Saver Cot for Your Baby

If you have just started looking at how many different cots are available, you may be feeling rather overwhelmed. This is understandable and a common reaction! Before becoming a parent, it is usually the common thought that a cot is a very regular and standard sized object that comes really only in one variation. How much more wrong could you have got?!

The amount of cots that are available is truly massive. You may or may not have heard of a couple of these – they range from standard wooden cots to uniquely and custom-built models. In this article, we will know what a space saver cot is.

What are space saver cots and what advantages and disadvantages do they offer over a normal cot?

First off, when might you want to use a space saver cot? Space saver cots are great when the space in which you have to put your cot a slightly limited. However, a lot of people see this as the only advantage of a space saver cot. This is most certainly not true!

They are not as expensive – the first major pro of a 1space saver cot is the cost. Space saver cots tend not to be nearly as expensive as regular cots, mainly due to the fact that they require fewer materials and fewer hours of workmanship to make.

They make better use of space – if your baby’s nursery has limited space, a space saver cot is the ultimate and most sensible option to go for. They can be fitted easily into a room where space is on a budget, and some models can even be stored away into a cupboard when not being used. A lot of space saver cots are so easy and compact to put away that you could store them away during the day if you’d like to have a truly dual-purpose space.

They are more portable – obviously, space saver cots are considerably more portable than regular-sized cots since they are smaller. Once a regular cot has been built, they can prove quite a challenge to move around. Space saver cots, on the other hand, are designed to be moved around and easily stored, with some models being able to be taken down and put back up within minutes.

Easier for one person to assemble – assembling a space saver cot is very easy for one person.

With advantages do come disadvantages, though. However, for a lot of people, the cons of space saver cots do not outweigh the pros. What’s not so good about space saver cots?

Finding the correct size bedding – since space saver cots often have different sized mattresses, getting correctly size bedding can be difficult.

Your baby could outgrow it – another major disadvantage of space saver cots is the sleeping space that your baby has. When your baby is a newborn, this will obviously not be a problem. However as your baby grows, he or she could quickly outgrow the cot and require something larger.