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What is Freelance Work and Can it Work for My Lifestyle?

More and more people are choosing a freelance lifestyle. One decade from now there could be more than half of the American workforce working as freelancers.

But, what is freelance work? You may be looking to change careers or simply switch to another lifestyle. Whatever your reason, check out the below blog post to explore whether freelancing could be for you.

See the World in the Best Countries to Work in Freelance

Have you ever thought about working from the beach as you soak up the sun? Maybe you prefer spending some time at that long forgotten vacation home back in the snowy woods watching the local wildlife pass?

One of the most beautiful things about being able to work as a freelancer is the ability to make work a portable feature. Your work can literally go with you virtually anywhere that you can. Thus, freelancing allows you to live out some of your dreams while you continue to work and earn a living.

There are even some countries that are more accommodating than others for reasons specific to freelancers and more specifically to making a living with freelance work online.

You can find out more about the best countries in the world for working in freelance. Read here:

Let’s get started!

1. What is Freelance Work?

You have probably heard about the joys of freelancing before. More and more people are working unconventionally.

You could be a contractor or a remote worker? There are tons of terms to describe the growing diversity of working arrangements.

Freelancing is essentially being self-employed. Instead of working for an employer, you work directly for clients.

Since there isn’t a third party, you simply deal with the client first hand. That also means that you take home to the total amount of money rather than a salary.

Could it Work for Your Lifestyle?

There are pros and cons to the freelance lifestyle.

1. Much More Flexibility

You don’t have to be restricted to the 9 to 5 regime. When you’re a self-employed freelancer, you choose your own hours.

This allows you to be much more flexible.

You can also determine where you work. You decide whether you work from your bed as soon as you wake up or if you need to visit a cafe to get your head down.

That’s why many freelancers find that they have a better work-life balance compared with other workers.

2. Earn the Money You Deserve

In addition to working the hours you chose for yourself, you can also earn more money. Instead of your employer giving you a slice of your earnings, you get everything for the service.

You may feel that you can earn the money you deserve as a freelancer. Moreover, freelancers actually earn more per hour than 70% of the American workforce.

3. More Time and Effort

Even though you may get to earn more than an employed worker, you could find that you’re working a lot more.

When you’re a freelancer, you have to take care of everything yourself. There’s no HR team to help you book your travel or arrange for a new desk.

You even need to do your own self-employment tax. This site can help you deal with your personal business finances.

4. Higher Risk and Loss of Security

When you’re employed, you know that you can be confident of earning the same amount of money each and every month.

But, as a freelancer, you need to accept the uncertainty of no permanent salary. One month, you could discover that all of the work dries up.

Whereas, another week, you could find that you are overloaded with work and cannot turn it down.

Is Freelancing for You!

Do you want more freedom and independence? Slaving away at work can really get you down.

Now you know the answer to – what is freelance work? You can decide if being a freelancer is for you.

The risks and effort could be worth it. You’ll get to earn more money while also enjoy more flexibility.

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