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7 Items You Should Never Travel Without

Trying to pack your bags for your next vacation is never an easy task. If you’re only bringing a carry-on, you have one personal bag and a small travel-sized bag that needs to fit in the overhead bin. And if you’re going on an extended vacation and need to check a bag, you need to make sure it’s under the 50-pound limit, which can creep up fast, to avoid extra fees. This is where you need to sit down and make some painful decisions. Do you really need that fourth pair of shoes? And what about that shirt you totally forgot you had, but now that you’ve found it, you need to pack it?

Before you find yourself overpacking, it’s important you have the essentials first. The last thing you want is to overpack on shirts and realize you brought no socks. As you bring your suitcases out from the attic, refer to this list of seven items you should never travel without.

1. Comfortable Shoes

If you’re traveling, you’re going to be walking… a lot. Whether it’s walking through the airport or around extravagant cities, a pair of comfortable shoes will help you go the extra mile without slowing down. Sure, it’s worth packing a pair of heels or dress shoes for a fancy night out on the town. But, comfortable shoes designed for walking or running will provide you with enough support and cushion so your legs and feet don’t get achy. Cities like New York and Berlin will keep you on your feet all day, but if you plan to take a relaxing getaway to Cozumel, a pair of sandals will suffice.

2. Headphones

A pair of noise-canceling headphones are a must for those times you just need a moment to yourself. Traveling can be exhausting, and having headphones that block out the noises around you will help you take a deep breath and ease your mind. So, the next time you have to take an overnight flight across the planet and your seatmate begins to snore, or a baby starts crying, a pair of noise-canceling headphones will make it seem as if they aren’t even there.

3. A Watch

While traveling is meant to be relaxing, it can become stressful if you have an itinerary to stick to. To ensure you don’t miss your train departure or tour group, outfit yourself with a watch. You can keep it simple with black watches for men or women, or you can invest in a GPS watch that can also track your steps and hiking routes aside from just telling time. With a GPS watch, you can connect any hikes, runs, or walks with pictures to a social fitness network for your friends and family to see. Better yet, watches can fit right on your wrist, so they won’t take up any room in your luggage.

4. A Camera

Living in the moment is how life is meant to be. But memories can fade, and special moments can be forgotten about. If you want to preserve some of life’s most precious moments while traveling the world, invest in a quality DSLR camera. This way, your memories will last a lifetime and you’ll be able to reflect on every place you’ve been to with clarity and a smile.

5. A Backpack

This goes without saying, but packing a backpack is a must. If you’re deciding between a purse and a backpack, go with the latter. A backpack will allow you to carry all of your essential items with ease. With a travel backpack, you’ll be able to store snacks and drinks, and have extra room for any souvenirs you pick up along the way.

6. Water Bottle

Traveling through the arid climate of Rajasthan or the humid forests throughout Cambodia will suck the water right out of you. That’s why it’s essential you pack a reusable water bottle, so you can stay hydrated throughout all of your excursions. Not only will a reusable water bottle come to the rescue when you’re parched, but it’ll also help save the planet and reduce plastic waste.

7. Portable Power Bank

If you’re traveling with tech, you’re going to want a portable power bank that has a long battery life and can bring your devices back to life. If you’re halfway up the mountain and your cellphone dies, GPS tracker, or camera dies, a portable power bank will bring your device back to life and save you from any potential dangers if you need to contact someone in case of an emergency.

Let’s Get Packing

Now that you know what items you should bring on your next vacation, it’s time to get packing. Along with these items, don’t forget to bring any toiletries, socks, underwear, long and short-sleeved shirts, as well as a jacket in case it decides to get cold at night.