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5 Must-Include Add-Ons and Accessories for Your Pergola

A pergola often makes a nice addition to a backyard. If you are a homeowner, you might wish to consider installing one this year. You will doubtless find many uses for it, and they are aesthetically appealing as well.

You can order and install a 12 x 12 pergola with a minimum of difficulty in most instances. Once you have got it installed, you might also consider some accessories and add-ons that should go nicely with your whole setup. Let us talk about some of the hottest accessories and add-ons that might go well with your pergola.


You might feel that you want a little privacy when you are outside enjoying your pergola. Maybe the neighbors are able to see into your yard, and perhaps they’re a little nosy from time to time.

You can combat that with a fence, but you can also put up curtains around your pergola’s perimeter. If you get some nice ones, you can be sequestered in your pergola with the curtains all around you. You might spend some time out there drinking coffee, reading a book, or doing something else that you like.


You will certainly want a lighting rig or some other kind of lighting setup when you install your pergola. You may want to spend time there in the evenings. You may also spend time there when it’s overcast.

In those moments, you will want to turn the lights on so you can fully enjoy your pergola time. Just make sure you hire a competent electrician to do the job for you.


You might also look into installing a fan in your pergola, or more than one, depending on how big it is. Some fans should keep you cool in your pergola during the hottest summer months. Having some fans blowing a nice breeze on you during July and August is probably something that appeals to you.


You may also feel like installing a mister in your pergola makes sense. Misters are not generally all that expensive, and once you have yours set up, you can use it to keep cool. 

That is another nice alternative to a fan in the summer. You might even decide that you want both misters and fans for the truly hot days.


You can also spend time in your pergola during the winter. If you have it enclosed, it should keep out the snow and ice.

If you spend time in your pergola during the cold weather, you will likely want a heater in there, or more than one, if you have a larger pergola capable of seating several people at one time. 

The heater will keep you toasty warm, even when the snow falls outside. You might sit by the heater and watch the snow fall while drinking some hot chocolate, tea, or another beverage of your choice.

These ads-ons and accessories should make you feel like you’re getting the most out of your pergola. Look into buying them today.