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Do Celebrities Develop Addictions? Everything You Want to Know About Celebrities and Drugs

Frankly, many of us grew up dreaming about fame and how could one day become a TV presenter or a movie star. From a distance, being a celebrity is all bells and whistles, and we can never imagine celebrities having any challenges in their life.

On the contrary, many celebrities go through troubles, and what we see on TV isn’t always as glamorous as we think. Anyone mature enough knows that life is a lot more than money and fame. Celebrities developing addiction doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. As we all know, addiction makes no difference between people in terms of background, social status, or fame. Is it more difficult for celebrities to heal their addiction, though?

What’s the definition of addiction?

Should you go by Western medicine, addiction is a chronic disease. Therefore, patients only learn how to manage their symptoms for the rest of their life, hoping that they’re not going to relapse any time soon. Unfortunately, people undergoing traditional rehab programs relapse quite often, which makes them look for alternative treatments.

Alternative therapies for addiction don’t see the dependency, but address the patient, focusing on identifying the cause of dependence. With most alternative treatments, the efforts go to healing one’s body, mind, and soul. Only natural methods (such as meditation, yoga, HBOT therapy, cryotherapy, organic and non-GMO food diet, and proprietary techniques of holistic centers) are used within alternative therapies.

No matter the treatment, don’t forget that addiction is a severe condition, leading to physiological and psychological health issues. Cancer, insomnia, depression, anxiety, memory loss, and even schizophrenia are only some of the conditions related to addiction.

Celebrities have it all, so how come they develop an addiction?

Sadly, the first question that comes to mind when we wear someone famous passing away is, “what killed him/her? Was it alcohol or an overdose?

Even if many celebrities die from conditions related to addiction, we mustn’t promote the stigma around addiction. Addiction is difficult to control, and it’s not only an impressive will power that will make an addict stop. We know that celebrities put their life at risk when drinking and driving, but they don’t necessarily do it out of poor judgment. Using and abusing substances does alter one’s brain, changing the way it functions. On the side note, it’s one of the reasons for which alternative methods are efficient.

For instance, the so-called “sacred plants” Ayahuasca and Ibogaine can give a fresh start to the brain, helping it go back to the state before addiction. Lindsay Lohan gave Ayahuasca a try in the jungle back in 2014, with a shaman and ceremony, with seemingly great results for her. The same did Sting, and Chelsea Handler, who all talked about their deep experience afterwards.

What are the reasons leading celebrities into addiction?

For whatever the reason, we think that celebrities shouldn’t make any mistakes or shouldn’t go through any trouble. But they may also have childhood trauma (we’ve heard so many stories), dealt with an abusive parent, or got bullied in school. And they’ve learned to deal with the trauma by developing an addiction later in life. here are the most common causes of celebrities abusing alcohol or substance:

  • The public’s opinion

Let’s face it: we all like watching our stars on vacation, at the Oscars, or when having a walk with their dog. But did you put in their shoes for a bit? How does it feel on the other side of the pictures?

Being constantly under the public’s eye isn’t always a fun thing, especially when the audience gets so critical about what celebrities wear, how they talk, who they marry, and so on. Reaching to alcohol or drugs is a coping mechanism for personalities who cannot deal with the public’s eye every single day of their life.

  • The easy access to substances

Being a celebrity comes with both ups and downs, and one benefit is that all doors are open. The illegal substances make no exception, and stars have easy access at all times. Not only that, it’s easy for them to get access, but they also have the financial means for buying. They can get whatever they want, when they want, without even worrying about the budget.

  • The background

According to Western medicine, addiction is a disease and has genetic roots. When someone in the family (parents or grandparents) fought with addiction, the risk for the offsprings to also deal with addiction is more significant. However, it’s not a cause only for celebrities, as people of various backgrounds end up being addicted since their parents were addicted too.

  • The peer influence

Drug and alcohol abuse is a common problem among celebrities. It’s not unusual for stars to fall under the impact on the cause of their friends or companions. New and young stars looking for validation will often give in temptation and go with the flow, turning to drugs or alcohol for fitting in. Drew Barrymore, Shia LaBeouf, Selena Gomez, Justin Biber, Miley Cyrus, or Demi Lovato are only some of the celebrities to name.

Can celebrities heal their addiction as well?

Even if addiction isn’t easy to address, celebrities may find healing for their addictions as well.

Additionally, celebrities opening up about their struggles with addiction reduce the stigma on addiction.

The more they’re open about addiction, the easier it is going to be for regular people to fight addiction and heal.