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7 Super Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries You Need to Know

A worker gets injured while on the job every seven seconds. These range from minor cuts and sprains to severe injuries leading to death. Regardless of the severity, several types of injuries are common.
Read this list of the seven most common workplace accidents so you can keep an eye out at your workplace.

1. Slip and Fall

A slip and fall can happen anywhere from a factory floor to an office break room. The most common cause is a slippery substance or liquid on the floor that causes someone to lose traction and then their balance.

Another risk of falls is when employees are on ladders, platforms, or scaffolding. These are dangerous because injuries happen when employees fall a distance before hitting the ground.

2. Muscles Strain

If employees regularly lift heavy objects, then they’re at risk for a muscle strain. These can occur in the legs, arms, back, and neck. Employers can prevent these types of injuries by teaching proper lifting techniques and providing back supports.

3. Falling Objects

Sometimes it’s not the employee that falls but an object that falls onto the employee. This occurs most often in warehouse environments but can also happen in an office setting. Objects can fall off of shelving or out of cabinets.

You can prevent these types of injuries by practicing proper storage techniques. Make sure your shelving is stable and secure.

4. Repetitive Strain

Sometimes a routine action doesn’t cause immediate injury from being performed one time. Instead, it’s the repetitive performance of that task that causes the injury. This is most commonly seen with employees who spend hours using a keyboard.

These types of injuries are easily prevented by reminding employees to take regular breaks. It’s also helpful to provide ergonomic equipment to ensure proper posture and form.

5. Collisions

Most people think of automobiles when they think about a crash or collision. However, it can also occur with other motorized vehicles, such as a forklift. Any motorized vehicle should have seatbelts and any other feasible safety precautions to prevent injury in the event of an accident.

6. Lacerations

A laceration is a fancy word for a cut. The most common reason for a cut while at work is the lack of proper training. Employees can get injured from a paper trimmer, knife in the break room, or power saw on a job site.

Prevent the majority of injuries by implementing training for any piece of equipment that has a blade or sharp cutting element.

7. Toxic Fumes

While most people aren’t regularly exposed to toxic fumes, the injury is common among those who are. The fumes can cause injury to an employee’s eyes, nose, mouth, throat, and lungs. If an employee experiences exposure, then workers comp doctors can help assess the injury and determine the best treatment.

Requiring employees to wear protective gear can prevent accidental exposure to harmful chemicals.

Prevent Workplace Accidents

By understanding what the most common workplace accidents are, you can better prevent them in your place of business. Look for ways you can create a safer working environment through training, company policy, or improved equipment.

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