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8 Important Considerations When Hiring a Limousine For a Private Party

When planning an event, every detail matters. The food, the venue, and even the transportation can all make or break the moment.

However, there are over 1,798,709 limo companies across the country! How do you know which one to pick when planning your next private event?

When hiring a limousine, there are a few details you should consider first.

Unsure of where to start? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Keep reading for a list of the eight items you should review before choosing a limousine company.

With these tips, you can find the perfect limo for you and your event!

Drive to the party in style with these eight tips.

1. Read Reviews

Today, most of us head online when we’re searching for a product or service.

First, check online for a list of local limo companies. Before you choose one, however, check the company’s reviews on Google. People use a company’s Google My Business listing to post their likes, dislikes, and everything in between.

You can find a company’s Google My Business listing by searching their name in Google. The listing should appear on the right. There, you can also gather important contact information for the company, including their website.

Some people post photos along with these reviews. Flip through these images and make a note if you see a vehicle you like.

While you’re there, comment on a few reviews.

Then, you can ask people questions about their experience with the business.

Google is only one resource, though. You can check for reviews on Yelp and Angie’s list to develop a well-rounded understanding of the business.

Many companies also post customer testimonials on their own websites. However, it is important to note that companies display the best reviews. Check the sites mentioned above as well to get an unbiased picture of the business.

2. Know What You Want

There are many limos you can choose from. For example, you might want a luxurious four-door sedan instead of a traditional stretch limo.

Try to determine what you want as early as possible.

If you already have a specific model in mind, you can start narrowing down your list by searching for that model. During your search, make sure you’re choosing a limo that’s big enough for everyone attending!

When hiring a limousine company, many people prefer a business that has many years of experience. The longer they’ve offered a limousine service, the more experience they have solving problems. These experienced companies have already worked out the kinks, allowing them to provide the best service.

When searching for a limousine company, check how long they’ve been in business.
However, you don’t have to cut every short-lived business from your list. Instead, check out the staff. How long have they worked in the industry?

Their hands-on experience helps the business run smoothly.

3. Check Out the Amenities

A limousine is more than a ride from point A to point B. When hiring a limousine company, consider the service and amenities they offer.

For example, some limousine companies include minibars and TVs within their vehicles. While most limos include a minibar, many companies give you the option to stock the bar before your ride. Some even include a mini-fridge or ice bin so you can keep your drinks cool.

Others offer different seating materials or electronics.

Which amenities are on your list? You might want a high-end audio system, flat-screen TV, or video game console. However, not every limo company offers these amenities.
As you research different companies, make a note of what they offer to help you narrow down the list.

4. Tour the Vehicle

If you feel you’ve found the perfect ride, don’t jump the gun just yet.

Instead, ask if you can tour the vehicle. Seeing the limo in person can help you discover any unsightly nicks and scratches that weren’t in the photo. If you don’t like the vehicle, you can explore the rest of the fleet for another option.

While you’re there, ask about the driver’s experience. An experienced chauffeur can give you peace of mind about the person driving you to the event.

5. Know When, Where, and What

When is the event, where are you going, and what’s the occasion?

Answering these questions can help calculate distance, the time needed, and the right chauffeur for your event. These details can help you choose the right vehicle when you’re hiring a limousine company.

6. Make a List of Musts

Remember, not every limo company offers the same amenities. Now that you have a list of options, start narrowing it down.

Do you need enough space to dance around? Is a stocked bar high on your list of priorities? How many people are coming along for the ride?

These details can help you start narrowing down your list.

Don’t forget, a lot of amenities cost extra. Organize your items by “must have” versus “want to have.” Then, determine which amenities you can afford.

That way, you don’t go over your budget.

7. Ask for Multiple Quotes

As you research different limo companies, make sure to get a quote from each one. Ask them what’s included in the quote as well as how much each amenity costs. Make sure to uncover any extra fees or fine print items during your research as well.

If you’re confused, check out this limo rental guide to understanding the average limousine rental cost.

8. Get it in Writing

Before hiring a limo company, make sure to get every detail in writing. Don’t accept a phone call as a verbal contract. Instead, have a written contract ready, which can protect you in case anything goes wrong.

A contract will give you peace of mind.

The Perfect Private Party: Hiring a Limousine Company

Your perfect private event is just around the corner! With these considerations in mind, hiring a limousine company is easy and stress-free. Now you can plan your event without a hitch!

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