Friday, September 24, 2021

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Make Your Indoor Days Colorful: Best Crafts For Lazy Weekends

If you’ve got an open weekend coming up without planned entertainment, there’s no need to panic! As Craft Whack explains, you can use that free time to innovate with your kids, and even their little friends will love it too. 

The main thing is to find ways to generate learning and fun out of ordinary, everyday items. You know, the sort of stuff that most parents have around the house. It’s easy to repurpose things like that for playtime fun. 

Garden Paintings

In homes across the land, parents have a stash of non-toxic paints hidden away for just such a time. With a little of that paint and some randomly gathered objects, you can whip up a range of garden ornaments to decorate your yard. 

Bits of wood are perfect, as are good-sized rocks. The aim is just to coat the objects in bright colors and then maybe add little personal touches. This could be in the form of faces to personify the objects or even abstract shapes and patterns. 

Then you can place the bright ornaments around the garden, taking care to arrange unique places for each. It’s a great option because your kiddies are involved in every step, from choosing the materials to selecting spots for them to live! 

Fun with Balloons

Balloons are just super fun for everyone. They grow and shrink and fly around, making noises, and sometimes they even pop. Balloon time is a happy time, and they’re actually a lot more versatile than we might think. 

An inflated balloon is a perfect mold for making bowls, for example. Using a standard recipe for paper-mache, you just form it around the base of your inflated balloon and let it dry. Hey, presto! You’ve made a bowl! 

They’re also good for decorating with all kinds of shiny stuff, from paints to bedazzling stones. You could rope in any small bits you have lying around, from buttons to bits of wool or fabric. The sky’s the limit with this idea. 

Making Old Clothes New Again

Recycling old clothing into an art project is another winning idea. You could always use the fabric itself as decorative strips or the like. You could even renew the life of your kid’s tee-shirts by dyeing them in various ways. 

The most kid-friendly theme would probably be the tie-dyeing option, which takes old material and gives it a fun makeover. It’s bright, it’s entertaining to do, and it saves you having to throw stuff away. That’s a triple bonus all in one. 

Final thoughts

Some parents may panic at the idea of not having anything planned over the weekend, but it needn’t be an anxious thought. Many of us have all the basics right at home, and with a bit of ingenuity, a little goes a very long way. 

It only takes a little prompting from mom and dad to set them going. Set up the idea, then simply let their limitless little minds take over from there.  Who knows? You might even secretly have a great time yourself. 

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