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Myths About Flying!

Do you feel claustrophobic or have the feeling of being trapped in the plane? Does traveling by plane give you anic attacks or anxiety? You perhaps are suffering from the fear of flying.

Fear of flying is a specific type of phobia, which triggers persistent and excessive fear by the thought of flying or by flying. As per the reports from the National Institute of Mental Health, there are over 12.5% of people who suffer one kind of fear or phobia or another.

Of all of them, aviophobia or fear of flying is the most common one with over 2.5% to 6.5% of the population affected by it. However, most of the fears boil down to the lack of knowledge and the lack of understanding.

In such situations, having the right knowledge is power and this knowledge is provided at the fear of flying London courses. If the thought of flying makes you stressed and break you in a sweat, the most common myths are busted here to make you feel safe on your next trip:

The airplane crash scenes are just for the movies; don’t believe them:

One of underlying fact about air travel is that they have now become the safest modes of travel.Although it’s reasonable to think that being in the air at 30,000ft or more height would be dangerous, in reality, air travels are safer than any mode of transport and your fears are irrational.

Myth 1:Aeroplanes Are UnTested:

Aeroplanes Are UnTested
You have seen car companies, showing their testing in commercials, but maybe you haven’t seen any such testing on planes. Perhaps this makes you feel less safe. However, if you knew how much more testing aircraft actuallyundergo before taking to the skies perhaps you would feel more relaxed. Some of the most common tests include:

  • Wing Flexibility:In this, the plane’s wings are bent to some angle, perhaps at 90-degree. This is done to find the breaking point in the wings.
  • Ingestion Testing: Ingestion: In this, the plane is made to land on a water-covered runway. This testing is done to ensure the plane can cope with flying in tons of water. This will also test that the water doesn’t go into the engine.
  • Temperature And Altitude Testing: A plane is made to fly in extreme hot and cold temperatures to make sure that the engine, material and everything works properly in all conditions.
  • Brake Testing:Planes areloaded with weight and then bought to the takeoff speed before applying the brakes.

Airplanes are also tested for other emergencies like low fuel scenarios, lightning strikes and more to ensure your safety.

Myth 2:Oxygen Masks Don’t Do Much Because They Are Not Attached To The Oxygen Cylinders:

Oxygen Masks Don’t Do Much Because They Are Not Attached To The Oxygen Cylinders
Just because you can’t see bags and oxygen cylinders, doesn’t mean the oxygen masks are not working! Oxygen masks on the airplane are installed because if there’s any loss of cabin pressure, you can use the mask to remain conscious.

The bags on the oxygen mask works as a reservoir to protect any oxygen from escaping. There are also speculations that airplane cabins have low oxygen to bring travelers into a sleepy state.
However, it is completely not true. Pilots also have the same air as that of the passengers, so if you are feeling sleepy, that might be because of fatigue.

Myth 3:If The Engine Fails, You Will Go Down:

If The Engine Fails, You Will Go Down
Of course, engine breakdown mid-flight is one of the most dreaded and terrifying situations. The fact is that even if the engine fails, the plane can easily fly in the air and make a successful landing. The aircraft is just a big glider; it means that the pilot can easily land it on the ground.

Myth 4:Lightning Storms Can Bring The Plane Down:

Lightning Storms Can Bring The Plane Down
Your plane coming down because of a bolt of lightning is just afantasy. However, the fact is that no plane has ever been brought down because of lightning.

All these fears of an airplane crash, and the misconceptions about lightning, testing and engine fails, are the common fears. But when scrutinised against the cold hard facts they collapse. Keep these truths in mind and fly with ease!