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Methods of Overcoming Jet Lag

Being stuck for months without movement can really change you as a person. We never imagined our lives to hold on pause until a nationwide pandemic that caused a long quarantine. Some people could cope inside their houses, while most found it hard to move or stick to a routine. Now that everything is going back to normal again and we’re all trying to pick ourselves up,  it can be a hassle to put our bodies back to how it usually reacted to movement. Travelling might be a hassle due to the amount of movement that would cause nausea, especially when flying is an option. If travelling via air made you a little queasy, imagine not being able to move around and going back to traveling again. There might be effects that would affect your body such as nausea, and even jet lag. 

What is Jet Lag?

Travelling with an aircraft can be exciting, especially when you haven’t been outside in months. But one must be cautious as flying could cause many effects due to your body not being used to movement and a new environment. Jet lag is one of these effects that can make your trip a hassle rather an exciting one. What is jet lag? Also known as desynchronosis, jet lag is a psychological condition that occurs when traveling across time zones or switching sleep cycles. This psychological condition is a disruption of your body’s circadian rhythm. If not treated properly, it may become a disorder and will make it difficult to change your body clock. If you are traveling soon, it is best to know the symptoms. Here are a few you should keep in mind:

  • Nausea or headaches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty waking up
  • Fatigue
  • Short attention span or lack of concentration
  • Memory problems 

How To Overcome Jet Lag

Do not fret, jet lag can be treated. We advise that you take note of the symptoms stated above so as to treat them ahead of time. You wouldn’t want your trip to be ruined, right? Overcoming jet lag is simple. Make sure to drink plenty of water, stick to an active routine that will help your body to move, sleep at a decent hour- specifically a time frame in your current location, use an eye mask or earplugs to help you sleep, set an alarm to avoid over sleeping, make sure all your destinations are planned during the day time to maximize your time outside. These simple tips will help you survive jet lag, and your body might even thank you later! 

If you have a bigger budget, you might want to consider flying a private charter. Not only is this a much more advisable form of transportation due to the current situation, the comfort of flying a private jet will give you the comfort you need. Flying private has its perks and benefits, and if you are going to travel via air for hours on end, sleeping comfortably inside an aircraft will surely help with fighting off jet lag. We recommend the best of the best in air charter companies, Velocity Jets. Velocity Jets offers so many benefits and perks, and all you need is their private jet card. Their jet card offers a program that exceeds all your travel needs! With a private jet card, you will be able to pick your own aircraft as well as enjoying all the benefits that come with fractional ownership without the upfront investment, long-term responsibilities, rigid scheduling and any exit fees that come with selling your fractional share. 

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