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How Do You Know When You Need Adult Braces?

Your smile really says a lot about you. If you meet someone that is smiling and laughing all the time, you’d probably assume that they are happy in life and put together. While this is not always the case, it is more so often true than not. That aside, there are some individuals that want to smile and laugh but are ashamed to do so because of their teeth. Maybe your teeth are crooked and you aren’t even aware. Whatever the situation is, crooked teeth will not only affect your looks and confidence, but they can affect your oral health. Here is how you can determine if you need braces or not.

A Pain In Your Mouth Or Click Jaw

When most people think of braces they tend to associate them with teeth. Sure, most of the time braces are installed to help align crooked teeth. However, this isn’t always the case at all. There are sometimes when braces can be issued to people with bone misalignment. If you have clicking in your jaw then there is a good chance that something is misaligned somewhere. Braces could be the corrective action that you need to eliminate this unwanted clicking. These situations can also be extremely painful, so it is not like you won’t notice something is going on at an early age. Of course, misalignment can occur at later ages due to injuries or other trauma.

Teeth Point Out In The Front

There are a lot of situations where all of your teeth are straight but the front ones. This is another excellent example of where braces can come in handy. Sometimes people are born with bone structures that cause their front teeth to grow outward from the others. Sometimes people suffer injuries and their front teeth to push out. There are even situations when teeth shift. Whatever the circumstances are it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that if you get braces treatment in Singapore or anywhere else, you make sure that you are getting a qualified individual to perform the job.

Throat And Gland Problems

Braces don’t always have to be associated with your teeth. You saw earlier that braces can even help clear up clicking jaws. Well, braces are also good when you have a lot of congestion in the nose and throat. It is possible that you are suffering from a medical condition that can be cleared up with braces. Swollen glands in the back of the throat are also another good indication that you might need to invest in braces.


When all said and done, there really are a number of reasons that you might need adult braces. Heck, you can call up your orthodontist and he or she will probably give you a few more reasons as to why you might need braces. The most important thing to talk about with your doctor is when you need to get those braces. There are some issues that can correct themselves over time, but there are also some issues that can only be corrected with braces.