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5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy While You are Away

In the ideal world, everyone would be able to bring their precious pet dogs with them when going on vacations. However, many accommodations and travel destinations do not allow pets to tag along.

Many pet owners end up worrying about how their pets are doing while they are away on their holiday. Here are some helpful tips on how you can ensure that your pet dog will stay happy and healthy while you are on your vacation.

Vaccinate Your Dog Before You Go

Most pet hotels and boarding facilities require your pet to have caught up on specific vaccinations before you can check them in. If you already know that you will be away, it is best to check the list of treatments at your pet health care centre beforehand.

Vaccines take a while to work, and so it is recommended that you vaccinate your pet dog at least one month before you will be away.

Being vaccinated against kennel cough would also be a good idea when you are keeping your dog in a pet hotel. Your dog may contract kennel cough when kept close with other dogs.

Prepare Your Dog with Short Overnight Stays

You can do this if you are going to be away for more than just a day or two. Let your dog spend the night in the designated boarding facility several times before you need to be away.

If your dog has not been spayed or fixed (not a bad idea as such dogs tend to live longer), you may need to factor the issue of mating in – especially if they will be coming into contact with other dogs.

When you let your dog stay overnight at the facility ahead of time, you are allowing it to get used to the new surroundings. This seemingly simple process will reduce the stress that your dog will experience throughout the more extended stay.

Hire an Experienced Dog Sitter

If you prefer to leave your dog at home or have someone care for your pet more exclusively, try looking for a dog sitting service instead. Most neighbourhoods have individuals offering dog sitting services as a part-time or weekend job, so it would not be too difficult to find one.

If you decide to have someone look after your home and pet, meet your prospective dog-sitter before you leave your pet in their care too. This way your pet will have the time to get used to the sitter’s presence. You will also have a clearer idea of how your sitter will be taking care of your dog throughout the day.

For anxious families, you might also consider installing some CCTV security. By installing the CCTV, you can monitor your pet from anywhere you are.

Leave Your Pet’s Favourite Items with It

Comfort your pet during your absence by leaving it with its favourite items. These items can be your pet dog’s favourite toys, a blanket, or an old t-shirt that has your scent on it. Since the objects are familiar to your pet, it would feel comforted by it in your absence.

However, it’s better to leave the objects at home if they are expensive or hard to replace, especially if you’re sending your pet to a boarding facility. Opt for cheaper items or treats that it is familiar with instead.

Give Detailed & Specific Care Instructions

Leave clear instructions to your pet sitter or boarding facility staff. Make it a point to let them know about any of your pet’s needs, even if it may seem obvious to you! These instructions can include how much food to give your pet for each meal, and how many treats it should be limited to every day.

More importantly, indicate how much medicine your pet needs if they’re on one. Let your pet’s caregiver know about the best ways to give the medication to them.