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Is There Enough Evidence To Support MOT Tests Getting Stricter Post Brexit?

The MOT test which has been around for ages has recently received a revamp. The main    purpose the test served was adding only roadworthy, safe, and low polluting cars to the roads. If  a vehicle was going to be used on the streets of the UK, it needed to follow the requirements by the MOT, get tested annually, and receive a clearance certificate. There were heavy fines and penalties for vehicles that didn’t clear the test and were still plying on the roads, furthermore, they also had to fix the issues that caused them to fail the test, and reapply.

In the first year of the improved test, three million cars were taken off the road since they didn’t clear their MOT test. The main reason for this could have been multiple aspects of the test being improved and new areas of the vehicle being reviewed. To put this into perspective, three million cars is one-third of all vehicles MOT tested every year.

The MOT was constantly seen as a test that ran its course and needed to be upgraded. Around the time of the Brexit announcement, it was decided that the MOT test would be upgraded to add a few more checks for the vehicles undergoing the test. This was done since the vehicles that were going through the test had come a long way from the first cars that went through the same one. This just meant that there were a whole bunch of features and checks that went untested since they weren’t a part of the MOT examination.

The previous MOT tests made sure the vehicle was roadworthy and safe by checking the brake lights and headlights of the car. If any of the lights weren’t working, the vehicle would be rated poorly on the test. Other checks made sure the driver had proper visibility of the road, which means that the windscreen needed to the spotless and there needed to be enough cleaning fluid in the car. All the indicators on the dashboard needed to be working and none of them should have been indicating any issues with the engine of the car. The vehicle is also checked for

emissions, making sure that they are within the required standards. According to the mentioned tests, the vehicle would be graded and receive clearance for the MOT test.

However, since a lot of these tests were considered outdated, it made sense for the MOT to add   a few more tests to the fold. The coolant and engine oil levels were tested to make sure that the vehicle engine was in good condition. The threading on the tires was checked so that the car would not skid while moving fast. The brakes and their accuracy was also checked thoroughly. Even the steering and how well it was calibrated was checked to make sure the car is in good condition.

All vehicles that came with additions like reverse lights and daytime running lights had to make sure they were working at the time of their inspection. Vehicles would receive bad grades if they weren’t. Vehicles that are plying on the roads are definitely safer through the new MOT test than they were through the previous one.