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The Blue Lizard Website Changed My Mind About Sunscreen

For as many years as I can remember, I’d thought that chemical sunscreen lotions were by far the best way to go when trying to protect my and my family’s skin. Before I came across the Blue Lizard website, I was sure that mineral sunscreens were overhyped and really tough to put on.

I only went on their website because I saw an advertisement that intrigued me about their sunscreen bottle tops that change color in direct sunlight. I thought to myself that my kids would love that – so I kept reading. What I found dispelled a number of misconceptions I had about mineral products.

It Goes On Right If You Apply it Right

After seeing an old army buddy trying to put some on a few years back, I vowed never to go near the stuff, as it just looked light a nightmare. It wouldn’t spread properly and he ended up in a complete gooey white mess and finally gave up trying to work it into his skin.

However, I found a blog on the Blue Lizard website that showed me that my buddy had been putting it on all wrong. He’d just put too much on…in fact, he put WAY too much on – hence the problem he had. So, immediately, that was one objection dealt with.

It Works the Moment It’s Applied

Something else the site showed me was that it works immediately. My kids can be a nightmare to get ready for the beach, with that ½ hour period you have to wait for chemical sunscreen to work proving a particularly challenging time. No such problems it seems with mineral sunscreen. 

Knowing that it works straight away is really reassuring, meaning that once applied, you can forget about it for a couple of hours at least. That’s another plus point.

It Protects Marine Life

These were pretty compelling reasons to switch on their own, but the clincher came when a page of the Blue Lizard website showed details of what chemical sunscreens are doing to the marine life that lives in those precious little habitats that are coral reefs.

Millions of tons of the stuff finds its way into the ocean every year and it’s literally killing life in the reefs. As a parent, I want these natural wonders to still exist for my kids to see and in turn, their kids to see.

Mineral products don’t have this effect and by not switching, I potentially stop that from happening.

The Facts Are Clear & Now I Won’t Go Back 

The day I found the Blue Lizard website was pivotal, as it totally changed my opinion of mineral sunscreen forever. Now I insist on mineral sunscreen every time and while some might say that it makes no difference if just I change…maybe they’re right.

However, when you’ve got a product that’s better than chemical sunscreen at UV protection, why wouldn’t you change this tiny aspect of your life to safeguard nature? When it’s gone, it’s gone, but just by switching, it may still be around when our kids are all grown up.

Food for thought indeed.