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Underrated Spots in Washington, D.C

If you know anything about Washington, D.C., then you probably know that the city is chock full of amazing sights and attractions like the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. Although these sights are truly wonderful and awe-inspiring, they are kind of basic and cookie-cutter in a way. Nearly all tourists who come to D.C. visit these spots, taking away some of their uniqueness. So if you just closed on one of the Washington D.C houses for sale and are looking for some spots that aren’t swamped by tourists, where can you look? Here are some underrated spots in Washington, D.C., that are both unique and can provide you with an amazing experience. 

Union Market

A great and underrated location to visit in the D.C. area is the Union Market. Union Market is the cultural epicenter of the Washington D.C. area. There are many local shops and restaurants in the area, allowing you to get your finger on the local pulse. It’s great getting to interact and mingle with the local vendors and shopkeepers, something that you really don’t get to do in other parts of D.C. There is such a wide variety of items available in the Union Market that no matter what you’re looking for, you’re almost sure to find it. The Union Market is extremely unique in that it is much more akin to a small-town farmer’s market or shopping district than any other attraction in the bustling city of Washington, D.C., If you find yourself in the D.C. area, then you definitely should check out Union Market. 

Brewmaster’s Castle

With a name like Brewmaster’s Castle, you know the attraction has to be interesting and unique. Thankfully for visitors, this attraction more than lives up to its name. The 19th-century mansion was originally established as a home, but it was later converted into a brewing business. Eventually, the building was closed down and named a National Historic Landmark, but the area still has some significance even today. Now, you can tour through the mansion, allowing you to see a mixture of 19th-century life and brewing history. In keeping with the name and history, there also are plenty of beer-related events held at the Brewmaster’s Castle, including Oktoberfest. If you want to experience the interesting combination of history and beer, then you can tour this historic mansion while enjoying some of the alcoholic beverages that gave the home its namesake. 

National Museum of African Art

Another extremely underrated and unique spot in Washington, D.C., is the National Museum of African Art. The museum is a part of the Smithsonian network of museums, yet it is often overshadowed by its other Smithsonian counterparts. As the name suggests, the museum primarily focuses on the various aspects of African art. The museum has several thousand pieces of African art, pieces that come from all over the African continent. These pieces proudly display the history and culture of various African people, and are on display for people to educate themselves and appreciate their beauty. The museum was the first of its kind in the United States, and today remains the largest collection of African art in the country. It’s important to learn about the intricacies and beauties of other cultures so you can develop a more diverse perspective, and this museum is the perfect place to do that

President Lincoln’s Cottage

When people think of important D.C. sites that pertain to President Lincoln, their minds will likely immediately flash to the Lincoln Memorial. However, Lincoln was one of the most famous presidents the country has ever seen, and he left his mark in more than one place. One of the more unique locations closely associated with Lincoln is President Lincoln’s Cottage. The cottage is a national monument, a place where Lincoln used to escape to get away from the stresses of D.C.’s political life. The cottage opened to the public in 2008, and now tourists can walk through the old building. It is fascinating to see such an important part of Lincoln’s life, as the cottage is an important part of American history. While the cottage may not get as much hype or fanfare as other monuments in the city, it still is something that you absolutely should check out.