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Residential Security doors

Residential security doors provide an effective barrier against intruders. They provide protection for your family and home. Some of them come with extra security features such as alarm, door lens which is an added advantage.

They are available in steel, Aluminum, wood or fiberglass and can be a combination of 2 materials. They can be in different types such as security screen door, sliding security door, fly screen door, to name a few.

These doors eliminate the easiest entry points to a home. Replace your ordinary doors with residential custom security doors to secure your home.

Well, as you can understand that there are so many security doors options available in the market with different features. So you have to choose it very carefully. You always have to check with different options like Doors Bristol to understand you need in terms of security doors.

What to look for when buying Residential Security doors

What makes residential security doors different from ordinary doors? Residential security doors have security features that keep away intruders and secure your home.

Security door Locks

You need high-quality locks to protect your home against break-ins. It is important to buy residential security doors with reinforced locks to protect against tampering. Strong locks can withstand forced weight.

Some locks comes with a spring load design to make it impossible for burglars picking the lock. Good locks include Deadbolt. It is operated by a key. Smart locks are operated by an electronic key or via smartphone.

Handlesets type of lock is opened by a key externally and a button internally.


This is really an important factor to consider when buying security doors for your home. You need to buy doors that are strong, sturdy so they can protect your home and family. There is a wide range of Aluminum and stainless steel security doors to choose from.

They make good security doors because they are weather, corrosion and burglar resistant. They are designed for strength. They cannot easily be forced open and will withstand stormy and windy weather.
Strong wood also make good residential security doors. However, they need to be reinforced with other material such as steel to enhance their security.

Residential Security Door Installation

It is crucial that you seek professionals to install your security doors. Professionals will guarantee that you get only best dootrs. Experts provide high-quality services since they are experienced and have the knowledge of installing doors.

Professionals implement every strategy to address residential requirements. They ensure no gaps are left when installing the doors.

Additional Security Features

Door Buzzer

Door buzzer on your front door will enhance the security of your home. They regulate access of a home. Only verified visitors can be allowed inside the home. Door buzzers allows to collect info of the visitor and open the door remotely.

It will help to deny access to visitors with criminal intent.

Security Door Chains

They are fairly easy to install and use. They restrict how far the door can be opened. They are designed with a small chain attached to the security door. It is a type of lock that will allow communication with a person outside while preventing access into the home.

They can be useful in alerting of a breakage of the door.

Door alarms and Sensors

Door alarm are designed to alert when the door is opened by force. Usually, people authorized to access the home have a key or card to open the door which do not trigger the alarm.

Door alarms are effective burglary protectors. The loud siren voice created or flashlight scares away the intruder. Some custom door alarms uses wireless technology and this will be easy to install and use.
The sensors and alarms are smaller, sensitive and undetectable.

Why are Security Doors Important?

  • They are burglar resistant
  • They add value to a home
  • They are fire and weather resistant
  • They are aesthetically pleasing