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Everything You Need to Know to Charter Your First Flight

Air travel has picked up with the onset of summer and ease of travel restrictions that were placed during coronavirus pandemic. You are not alone to consider private jet charter for your travels whether for business or pleasure. The best part is that chartering is not that expensive. This post will tell you everything you need to know about hiring a plane.

Choosing a Private Jet Charter

The type of jet you charter depends on the route, budget, number of people, and luggage requirements. Boeing Business Jet, Gulfstream G650 and Global Express among other ultra long-range jets are perfect for long-flights, VVIP travel, and larger groups.

They are ideal for 18 and above passengers and come with features including flat-beds, multi-zone cabin configurations, and larger bathrooms. Mid-sized jets such as Citation XLS and Hawker 900XP are quite common among first-timers looking for private jet charter. They can accommodate around 8 passengers at a time and provide five hours’ range.

Advance Booking Is Recommended

Booking a private jet charter is same as planning other aspects of your travel. You could get good deals by booking early. However, if you are looking for a speedy getaway, private charters can be up in the air in just 15 minutes. Most charters don’t require more than a week’s advance notice. However, it is recommended that you provide at least 24 hours’ notice for a flight.

How Does It Work?

Majority of airports have private terminals to handle private air traffic. If not, they allow private charter brokers that work as fixed-base operators. Private terminals are efficient, quiet and well-equipped to make easy departures. The biggest benefit of private jet charter is that they open up a range of regional and local airports. This can allow you to vacation or travel to off-beat destinations in a comfortable and convenient manner.

If you want you can acquire standard travel insurance whenever traveling on a private jet. This is just a matter of caution since all carriers have operator insurance anyway.

Extension or Change of Route

Private charters provide the flexibility to extend your travel or change it. However, it is recommended that you give notice since it allows the charter to apply for revised flight plans and permissions. You should know that you may be charged an additional cost to account for higher landing fees or additional flight time to reach the new destination airport.

Pets are Comfortable on Private Jets

Most private charters allow pets on board. In fact, they offer several services that will make it easier for your pet to fly with you. For instance, they may offer sleep mats, care kits, and pet-friendly menus. Few charters also offer flying courses to make it easier for canines and felines to enjoy their ride.

While pets are allowed to board private planes, they are subject to international travel restrictions imposed on animals and pet passport requirements. You may also be required to place your pet in an approved kennel depending on the charter you choose.

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