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Useful Tools for SEO Freelancers

Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to improve the digital marketing efforts of both small and large businesses. It can be a great resource for a business owner to rope in new clients and transform content ideas into successful conversions. However, the road to becoming a successful freelancer in the SEO industry isn’t always smooth. Freelancers need enough time to understand the freelancing business and master soft skills like copywriting. Freelancers also need to get the hang of the right tools and advanced features to upgrade their SEO results. No doubt, the SEO marketplace is home to many different tools, but not all may be efficient for freelancers. Check out these useful tools for SEO freelancers.

Google Search Console

Gaining high rankings is every client’s dream, but the first thing that comes to mind for many businesses is the amount of money it costs. Luckily, tools like Google Search Console can help small businesses and freelancers looking to begin the SEO journey on a low budget. This is one of the best tools for SEO freelancers as it can help ramp up your client’s page optimization efforts. The best part is that you can view your client’s website through Google’s search engine crawlers. That way, you can access metrics, graphs, and real-time data to tweak your SEO efforts and improve your search volume. The console also features easy-to-use templates and provides freelancers with an easy way to deal with a lot of data from a single dashboard.

SEO Content Assist

SEO comes with several complexities, and advertisers must use white hat strategies to improve a client’s online presence. All these strategies may be inaccessible for beginners, but luckily, they’re not the only way to make your way up in the SEO freelancing business. Efficient content creation can do the trick for beginners in the industry.

The bottom line for content creators is maintaining a consistent publishing culture, and content creators who prioritize visuals can even enjoy more search traffic. Statistics show that small businesses are 53 times more likely to rank first on Google if they embed videos on their website. Today’s digital space has increased the appetite for more visual content, and you can enlist a graphic designer to design interactive GIFs and memes for your SEO projects. Tools like SEO Content Assist can help you tailor blog posts, optimizing them to keywords in your niche. This tool comes with keyword and URL import options to help freelancers do a good job with their SEO work.

Keyword Planner

Getting a great keyword idea is one thing, but measuring relevant keywords to ensure their contributions towards SEO progress is key. Premium tools like Google Keyword Planner and Search Atlanta’s keyword research tool can help streamline your keyword search efforts as a freelancer. This tool can help improve your clients‘ keyword rankings and organic search traffic volumes. More site visits can lead to more visibility and ultimately happy clients.

Backlink Analyzer

Link building can afford your SEO campaigns a lot of success. However, getting the right tools to monitor backlinks can be daunting for freelancers. Backlink analysis can be a tricky area, especially for non-tech savvy freelancers, and might take a lot of skill to identify broken links and generate new ones to up your backlink game. Using a Backlink Analyzer tool can help make the process a little more manageable, and freelancers can connect a client’s website to the Backlink Analyzer platform and instantaneously get access to a large trove of backlink data.

All in all, search engine optimization has been a unique solution for digital marketers to generate significant returns on investments (ROI), and freelancers leveraging modern tools for SEO success can be nothing short of a good idea.