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The best tips on how to take care of indoor plants

Succulents are very vital in your living room. It’s hard to avoid growing indoor plants because they are easy to grow. They need minimal maintenance. When you get a jade plant gift or pick an echeveria at the store, it’s vital to know how to take care of it. Do you know why your jade is dropping leaves or getting wrinkled? You need these 9 maintenance tips to avoid such scenarios. In this article, you will get 9 simple ways to take good care of indoor plants. 

Give the plants enough light

A succulent plant loves light and needs to get sunlight for about six hours every day. The newly planted plant can scorch when exposed to direct sunlight. You need to introduce them gradually to total sun exposure or place them in the shade with a sheer curtain. Buy rare plants online to decorate your home more beautifully.

Rotate the plants gradually

Since they love direct sunlight, you need to keep rotating them to enable all the parts to access the light. Failure to turn them, the plants will lean towards the light source. The process will inhibit them from growing up straight. 

Water the plant as per the season

A succulent plant needs energy when it’s growing. During the summer or spring, plants thrive and drink more water than resting in the fall and winter. You need to test the soil with your finger. When you get that 1.25″ is dry, pick up a watering can and water the plants. Don’t overwater the plants as you will kill them. Allow the soil to dry between the watering sessions. 

Water the soil direct

You need to soak the soil until water comes out of the drainage holes as you water the plant. A container without drainage holes will need less watering. Avoid using a spray bottle while watering. Misting can result in moldy leaves and brittle roots. You can place the plant pot in water and let the soil absorb water via the drainage holes. You should stop when the topsoil layer becomes moist. 

Keep the plants clean

Your indoor plants will always have dust on their surfaces that might affect growth. You need to wipe the plant leaves and spines gently using a damp cloth. 

Use a container that has drainage

A succulent plant will not thrive well in waterlogged soil. It makes drainage essential to prevent the plant from rotting. Your plant container should have drainage holes to allow excess water to escape. 

Use suitable soil to plant them

Indoor plants need soil that drains, making your yard dirt or potting soil irrelevant to use. You can use cactus soil or mix the potting soil with perlite, pumice, or sand. The roots of these plants are very fragile, so you need to be very gentle while repotting. 

Eliminate bugs

Pests shouldn’t create havoc for indoor plants, but you may at times have to deal with bugs. Planting them in too wet soil without proper drainage attracts gnats. To get rid of the larvae and eggs, spray the soil with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Overfertilizing and overwatering can also cause mealybugs. 

Fertilize the plants in the summer season

Indoor plants don’t need much fertilizer. It’s good to give them light feeding on fertilizer in the summer and spring growing season. You have to be very careful not to overfertilize as this can make the plants grow quickly and thus become weak. 


If you admire having indoor greenery, you need to consider a succulent plant. Using the above tips, your plant will grow to bring that beauty and adoration you have longed for.

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