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Maintenance Tips for Cabinets in Your Home

If you don’t have a large house with ample space to store everything, cabinets are the smartest way to organize your house. Cabinetry is done not only in the kitchen, but also in living rooms, study areas, bathrooms, and home bars, TV areas, etc. Not only are they functional, but they also add a beautiful depth to your home. You can splash more colours on your walls by painting them in pops of bold hues, create textures around them, and do much more. 

Your cabinet may of any kind- traditional, contemporary, or casual, they need to be cared for. If they are not maintained properly, they run a risk of accumulating grease & grime, getting scratched, changing colours, and getting damaged irreversibly. 

So how should you go about maintaining and managing the cabinets in your house? Here are some pro-tips that are not only easy but quick too:

  • Avoid moisture: If you have expensive wood cabinets or have them installed near your sink or the dishwasher, make sure that they are moisture-free at all times. Moisture ruins finishes like nothing else. You should avoid placing coffee makers that vent steam on them or spilling water. To avoid watermarks, wipe the surface with a damp cloth immediately and then use a dry cloth over it. Always remember to blot than wipe. 
  • Avoid damages from light: Wood cabinets, especially those made from natural wood, are likely to be damaged from prolonged sunlight exposures. The same goes for the ones that are painted with glossy paints or are laminated. Use window blinds to reduce light exposure to help preserve their luster for a long time.
  • Protect them from humidity: Wooden surfaces tend to expand and shrink when exposed to humidity or even temperature fluctuations. They not only change shape but also tend to crack, bow, warp, and change colours. To prevent this, use a humidifier to avoid letting the air become too dry, maintain climate control, and ensure proper ventilation.
  • Clean frequently: Grease and dust either from open doors and windows or from the kitchen area destroy the look of cabinets. They look worn-off and old with layers of grime settled on them. To avoid this, clean them at least once every week. Depending on how unclean they are, you can use either plain water or a mild dishwasher soap with water. Wipe them in the direction of the wood grain. For more stubborn stains, you can mix baking soda with water. 

  • Never use damaging substances: For cleaning your cabinets, you should never use substances that contain solvents, bleach, nail polish remover, paint thinners, strong detergents, steel wool, ammonia, plastic brushes, etc. These are abrasive and cause nicks and scratches on wooden surfaces.
  • Don’t forget the hardware: It is not sufficient to have clean and polished surfaces. You need to clean the cabinet hardware as well. This includes their hinges, handles, knobs, groves, etc. to avoid them from getting rusted or tarnished. You can use an artist brush or a toothbrush for cleaning small objects or closed surfaces. 
  • Reseal: You should reseal the surfaces of your cabinets frequently to not only lend them a glow but also to preserve them for a long time. Sand the surface lightly and reseal using a mineral or vegetable oil. You can even use Urethane gels to give a protective finish. 

These tips will help you keep your cabinets’ look like new for a long time. For any assistance, you can rely on one of the best deep cleaning and painting services providers Aapka Painter. They offer the coolest wall painting designs for living rooms, waterproofing, wall textures and so much more. You can use their dynamic paint price calculator to check for luster paint prices and compare hundreds of paint products.