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Ten Quirky Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

A kitchen is a place that is associated with many emotions in every house. Every family has a unique story associated with their kitchen. It’s not just any space in our house but a space where happiness is multiplied and sadness is shared with the language of food.

The kitchen space needs to be spacious, airy, and filled with a lot of intricate details to accommodate the items of daily usage. As we all need some refreshment in our life, why not try some quirky ways to remodel our kitchens in cool yet inexpensive ways?

Here are ten quirky ideas for kitchen remodeling and hence add a dash of style to your regular cooking space.

1. Add a touch of white

When we think of remodeling our spaces, we often think of adding colors to them, but a classic white color can never be out of fashion.

White is associated with peace and adds a tinge of freshness. Painting the whole kitchen space with white and opting for all-white cabinets makes the kitchen look spacious and elegant. It automatically attracts the eyes, and you are all set to welcome compliments from the visitors to your house.

2. Add plants in the kitchen

Plants are not just useful for our well-being, but they make all spaces beautiful with their presence. Therefore, adding a hint of green by adding plants will increase the oxygen in the environment and make the ambiance serene.

Hang some plants in the kitchen or place a planter with colorful flowers, and you will see how refreshing it looks.

3. Change the cabinets

If you don’t want to spend more on your kitchen renovation, changing the cabinets might be an interesting option. Replace the old cabinets with new cabinets that match your style and go well, along with the other colors in the house. Just by replacing the cabinets, the kitchen will automatically look beautiful.

4. Change the lights in the kitchen

We all agree on how important the lights are in any corner of the house. Add a peppy light in the kitchen. For example, a dim lamp fitted on the wall can add a vintage touch to your kitchen and elevate the whole aesthetics of the kitchen.

Adding a center-light lamp to the kitchen can improve its whole look.

5. Open shelving

Open shelving is a quirky way that can grab anyone’s attention and make the kitchen space elegant and beautiful.

Closed shelving is now an old trend. With an open kitchen concept, open shelving finds its place in every modern-day interior design. Interior designers are using open shelves in the kitchen. This takes the look of the kitchen to another level.

6. Invest in some quirky crockery

Like our food habits have evolved with time, so have the crockeries. Nowadays, the market is full of plates and bowls, which are not just pretty but are available in different shapes and colors.

Quirky snack plates, soup bowls, dishes, etc., are available to add a modern touch to the kitchen space.

7. Add shelves to make it look spacious

Often, the slab is full of kitchen items that make it look disoriented and shabby. Invest in some extra shelves to accommodate the items placed on the kitchen slab. Opt for bright and bold colors for the shelves to make the kitchen look colorful and less boring.

8. Add curtains and other accessories

If there’s a window present in the kitchen, add a bright curtain or blind, depending on the height of the window and the space. It will instantly add a different touch to your kitchen. Also, adding accessories like magnets or paintings to the kitchen space is a fun and quirky way of adding fun elements to the kitchen area.

9. Change the flooring

Nobody gives much attention to the flooring of the kitchen, but it can add an instant makeover vibe to your kitchen. Though it’s a little expensive to change the flooring if you’re on a budget, you can opt for ceramic tiles. They come in various colors and patterns. It will just change the way your kitchen looks.

10. Change the tiles

Replacing the regular tiles with the quirky and designer ones can never go wrong with the kitchen renovation. Opt for tile stencils as they are in fashion and add sophistication to the space.


Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to be heavy on your pocket. It’s all about adding the right elements to the dull space without spending much money. One can go with all the inexpensive ways to start first, and if you aren’t sure, consult Marich and other such remodeling companies who can sort it as per your taste and budget. Several interior designing companies serve clients on a low budget and have received positive reviews from the clients.