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When to See an ENT Specialist?

Different types of specialist doctors in Singapore:

Ear Nose Throat Specialists

An ENT specialist is a medical doctor that specializes in treating medical conditions affecting the ears nose and throat in both children and adults. Singapore Clinic has specialist doctors that are highly skilled and have extensive experience on the medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the ears nose and throat. Alternatively, ENT specialists are also called otolaryngologists and some of the common conditions that are treated by an ENT Specialist include:

1. Ear and Hearing Problems

Common ailments that afflict the ear such as infections, unintentional trauma or disorders present from birth. As the structures in the ear are critical to your sense of balance, and these injuries or abnormalities may also lead to dizzy spells and/or occasional vertigo.

2. Nose, Sinuses, and Allergy Concerns

There are numerous cases of nasal, sinus, and allergy conditions with varying degrees of severity. Treatment for these conditions may vary depending on the condition ranging from medication to surgical procedures.

3. Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping disorders like snoring can greatly affect one’s quality of life. Other serious sleeping disorders include obstructive sleep apnoea, a condition that makes someone suddenly stop breathing while sleeping. This is caused by depleted levels of oxygen in the brain due to enlarged or other abnormalities of throat tissues and the soft tissue on the mouth (tonsils and adenoids) that cause obstruction of the airways.

4. Throat Disorders

Thyroid and neck lumps can be cancerous or indicate a more serious disease and therefore, it is important that you have them checked by an ENT specialist as early as possible. Vocal cord disorders and issues with swallowing can also be addressed by an ENT specialist.

5. Cosmetic plastic surgery

In addition to medical treatments, an ENT specialist can also perform reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty. You would be informed that should you be thinking of getting a nose job for vanity goals, the estimated bill is around $7000 and up, where the difference in price wholly based on the complexity of the required surgical procedure.


When you suffer an injury to a certain portion of the body, you’ll discover that it might not have the means to produce the muscular strength it used to could, or could have issues exhibiting the same range of motion it possessed before. Physiotherapy is able to assist to restore mobility and re-establish bodily performance into the shape it was before. Athletes count predominantly on the state of the body, and damage is wide-spread in physical sports such as soccer. If seriously injured, he/she would start on a physiotherapy plan guided by a recognised physiotherapist to ensure their bodies can return to the manner in which it was previously.

When you are aiming to start on a profession working in physiotherapy, a minimum certification period of 4 years with the Singapore Institute of Technology or similar course of study is required before you are equipped to be given a professional license. Physiotherapists take care of and also advise customers impacted by conditions that prevent their physical overall performance working with exercise, in addition to educating the individual to avoid the problems which might bring about relapse on the issue. Injuries like strains of many parts of the body or rotator cuff tears generally come about when doing athletics. As luck would have it, physiotherapy has a variety of treatment options offered that can often assist injuries sustained from exercise. Physiotherapy treatments are relatively inexpensive in sunny Singapore. Some private hospitalisation insurance plans could also supply cost mitigation for physiotherapy treatments if required through the doctor.

The fee for standard trip to the physiotherapist differs tremendously, depending on the clinic or physiotherapy medical centre you want to visit. Of course, visiting a public or national hospital may generate a smaller costs as opposed to visiting a privately owned physiotherapy hospital. Nevertheless, in case you would elect to go private, you would be facing more or less $130 – $200 every consultation, depending on the therapies chosen and clinic chosen.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts may be a tremendously widespread eye related disease that the majority of the elderly people within Singapore will be affected by. Over ninety% of all of the people that are above the age of 60 suffer from a type of cataracts.

Indications of cataracts normally include experiencing an extremely cloudy eyesight when seeing in darkness and in sunlight. You might also notice bright lights or maybe halos in the poorly lighted locations, which could hinder ordinarily easy activities like driving around along the roadways of Singapore extremely hard or even extremely hard. You will additionally end up extremely vulnerable to brilliant and blinking lighting, that might possibly lead to discomfort.

Should you suffer from cataracts, there is a risk that you just are going to have dual vision. Double vision, normally often known as diplopia, is an extremely unsafe situation that can have an impact on your depth perception as well as capacity to balance as well as the entire hand and eye dexterity. This will make working on easy jobs for instance, reading as well as exercise challenging or even possibly dangerous.

The primary way patients can deal with cataracts is by having a cataract-removal surgical procedure. The two major solutions you’ve got with regards to cataract elimination surgery is laser beam surgical procedures or bladed surgical treatment. The cataracts are exactly removed by an experienced operating doctor and in numerous examples, an artificial lens is implanted in your eyes as you get better.

Aftercare is in fact very important and it is highly endorsed that you administer anti infection eye drops for the upcoming month so as to make certain your freshly operated eyes along with vision are correctly maintained. Cataract surgery in Singapore might cost you just about anywhere approximately $19,500 and $27,000.