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How to Make a Playful Impression With Socks

Having to choose between a gray, black, or dark navy suit can be a bit frustrating. Fortunately, you can make plenty of small adjustments to your outfit to make it more fun and playful. Find some cool dress socks that go with your suit but also pop out in a fun pattern or a color combination that breaks the monotone suit colors.

A very powerful yet small tool to completely change from a corporate to a party look is to change your socks. If you are invited to a drink or an actual party after work but don’t have the time to change your outfit or just can’t be bothered, you can bring a pair of dress socks to work and change into them after hours. 

Feel ready for the dancefloor with colorful socks.

A way to look stylish yet not overdressed is to dress down. Make your corporate business suit a tad less formal by always having a spare pair of socks with you. Be ready for that impulse invite to the rooftop party after work where your jam is sure blasting and your feet beg to go dancing. If you work in a sector where it is frowned upon to wear informal clothes it can be a bit of a struggle to go smoothly from work to a party, but with dress socks that often are colorful and playful and keeps you smart and fashionable at the same time, you are sorted. 

If you are going to a summer party and are too classy for the patterned palm shirts, a dress sock with a ladder and a color block pattern in blues give the other guests a clue that you are also here to have fun. Maybe you are more into bringing the palms down to your socks, and then a pattern with palm trees might work for you. As you wear formal clothes, the socks can be as wild as you feel comfortable, so play with different designs. Over-the-calf socks are a functional fashion item. They provide excellent coverage, making them perfect for formal events or sports like football. These socks resist slipping about, preventing discomfort. These socks are the ideal combination of comfort and style for dressing up or staying active. There are plenty to choose from on the market, even some in high-quality fabrics. 

Just dive in and wear sandals and socks in a sinful combo.

In the last decade or so, wearing the sinful combination of socks and sandals has been alright, or even fashionable. The normcore look was for the brave and your dad but is being taken over by mainstream fashion. But nothing has to be mainstream about your choice of socks, and wearing them in an open sandal gives you the rarest opportunities to show off your bold sock choices. 

A dress sock can be found in many different patterns and styles, but choose one that complements your sandal of choice. If you have a black leather sandal, for instance, you can go wild in the aisles with both colors and patterns, and the sandal will calm the look down enough not to go overboard. But by all means, go overboard and be a bit crazy it is, after all, just socks.