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Traveling Abroad with People? This is What You Need to Know

Social media apps, dating sites, chat forums – our ever-growing world is not smaller than ever thank the internet and the ease in which it allows us to communicate with one another. One of the best things that you can do with the internet is to find travel partners when your friends are unable to fly off with you.

While it is fun to meet new people and share adventures with them, it can also be risky; when searching for travel partners for trips in the US and abroad, you should be extra careful with who you meet.

Traveling with Strangers – How to Play it Safe?

The memories that are created during travel are like no other memories, and as an avid traveler, I can also say traveling gives you an incredible rush. Taking risks is part of the game, but there is a limit: you need to be careful when it comes to choosing the people you travel with.

Like with other sites, travel boards are full of people who are trying to scam travelers for their money to trick them in other ways.

You can ask them all the questions you want and look at their social media profiles, but you are not guaranteed to get the truth.

So, how can you play is safe? How can you find strangers you can trust? For me it’s pretty easy; whenever I decide that I want to go abroad or go on a road trip right here in America, and my friends are unavailable, I become an online spy.

I usually run a background check on potential travel buddies with sites that have access to public records, like GoLookUp; in the online check, I look for people’s real names, their aliases, I find out if they have criminal records, if they are registered sex offenders, and any other information I can get my hands on.

With all the tragic stories about people who were hurt during what is supposed to be a great experience, I do not take a chance when it comes to my safety. I always make sure I have accurate information about people who Intend to travel with and not just the information they are willing to share with me.

After nearly a dozen trips abroad, my appetite for travel has only gotten bigger, and who knows? Maybe one day I’ll start a video blog for travel tips. Until then, the advice I gave you is one of the most important ones I can give. Oh, and don’t forget a camera, that’s my second most valuable tip.

Keep it safe and have a blast.