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Need Fast Money? Here are 4 Ideas

There are times where we really need an extra dollar in a hurry. Maybe it’s to pay for something fancy that’s suddenly required or you just need some extra support to meet your ordinary budget.

Whatever it is, there are a few ways you can make extra cash quickly. Here are four ideas.

Sell Valuables

You can sell your Rolex or other luxury items you may have but don’t use if you need a cash surge — this is perhaps the fastest way to get the most money. Look for a gold buyer that is discreet and safe and that has been in the community for many years, as this is a sign that they’re reliable and trust worthy.

Many gold buyers also buy other luxury items such as designer bags, antique jewellery, or other precious metals. If you have old precious things you don’t actually use and don’t hold sentimental value, turn them into liquid assets by selling them.

Gig Economy

There are ways to make side cash by working temporary jobs that you can do whenever you please, or whenever you have free time. You can work every day as much as you’d like, or decide to not work at all.

Many ride-share companies are looking for drivers to give people rides around the city, or bike couriers to deliver food. Delivering food by bike is a good way to get paid to exercise! Isn’t this smarter than paying to go to a gym?

Sell Less Valuable Belongings

You may have old possessions you don’t need that aren’t luxury goods, but still hold value for somebody. The internet is a perfect place to find somebody looking to buy what you have, as there are various popular websites dedicated to this.

Post an ad that faithfully and accurately describes what you’re selling, including an honest depiction of its condition. If it’s not in perfect condition that’s OK, just say so and drop the price accordingly. Pro tip: you don’t want to sell something for far less money than it’s worth, so take a moment to scan the internet to see what the going rate is on the online market.

Take Online Surveys

There are companies online which are looking for feedback, and they’re willing to pay for your time. It may not be a huge amount of money, but it’s a way to generate some funds while sitting on your couch.

Businesses need inputs from consumers about 100 different topics — take advantage of their need for your time by getting them to pay you for it.

Life is getting more expensive out there all the time, so it’s handy to have a few methods in your back pocket to make a quick buck. These ideas for cash generation aren’t a substitute for having a full-time job, but when you need a buck in a pinch they will get you where you need to go.